We don’t care about the popular or the normal. We don’t even care about the best. When it comes to societal standards, we couldn’t care less.

Twisted magazine sets fire to the norm. We take lifestyle magazines and shake their heads until they bleed. Twisted wears pieces that turn heads and break necks. That dig into your bones. We don’t ask permission and look absolutely gorgeous doing it.

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Opinions don’t matter to us. Opinions are for people that live for the weekends while we live life on our terms. Opinions are for people that think they know you based on a first impression or how you look. Opinions are for people that judge you for ordering a fruity drink at a bar. We slam our Appletini and get back in the mosh pit.

Punk rock isn’t Top 40.  Punk rock isn’t at the award shows or charting on Billboard. That’s not where we want to be because we’re already here. Already everywhere. We’re in the corners of the party or jamming in your neighbor’s backyard. Punk exists in all cultures because it’s more than just a genre. It’s a movement and a behavior.

Our staff is full of punk rockers and outsiders because that’s all we know. We’ve survived it all, experienced the worst, and lost too many along the way. We persevere anyways. We keep going because we know what it feels like to be kept down. We’ve been wrongly looked down on and oppressed for our thoughts, opinions, and looks.

Twisted blazes the path for those that think they don’t belong. For those that question their place in the world. Anyone who feels like they constantly skirt the lines of society’s norms. We drag you back into the conversation because everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. We know what it feels like because we’ve been there before. 

We cover the weird shit that other magazines won’t cover. We’ll shine a light on the ugly or the bizarre. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, we’ll cover it. Unless you’re into that freaky stuff, then we’ll absolutely cover it.

Twisted is counter-culture. We are the punk rock and the liberty spikes. Most importantly, we stick out. All the more power to you if you do. No pop-punk and no fedoras. Get out of here with that.

Twisted gets the rough and rowdy. We revel in the sweat and the screeching guitars. We don’t care that band can’t really play as long as they give it their all. If you don’t mind a broken rib or a bloody mouth, you’re our kind of people. The more the merrier.