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All That Cast: 5 Insane On-Set Stories

Cue the infectious laughter and the wild bouts of slapstick humor; we’re about to drop the curtain on some of the most hilariously insane stories from the set of Nickelodeon’s longest-running live-action series. “All That” has tickled funny bones for over a decade, showcasing young talents who were as adept at making us chuckle as they were at cooking up mischief behind the scenes. So, buckle up your seatbelts and grab your popcorn, because these on-set anecdotes from the “All That” cast will leave you in stitches, and maybe with a bit of slime on your shoes.

The Prank That Became Legend: All That Cast’s Ultimate Joke

Ah, the scent of humor was always in the air, especially when Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were around. These two were the dynamic duo of laughs, but it was the prank during the 1997 season that left an indelible mark on everyone involved. The story goes a little something like this: there was a fake mustache, the kind that a villain in an old-timey caper would twirl—a mustache that refused to leave its newfound home atop the director’s lip, thanks to, oh, just a dab of industrial-strength adhesive. The director, who initially chuckled at the gag, spent the next several hours not so subtly trying to detach his temporary face mate without ripping off his real ‘stache. It was pure comedy gold—a legendary prank that etched itself into the annals of “All That” folklore.

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From Script to Scare: The All That Cast’s Halloween Hijinks

When Halloween rolled around in 1999, Amanda Bynes had a bewitching idea up her sleeve. Instead of conjuring laughs, she summoned screams from her unsuspecting castmates. With the help of the wizened special effects crew, she transformed a run-of-the-mill dressing room mirror into a ghostly portal, which shattered at the wave of her hand, sending shards of harmless, pre-broken glass cascading like a waterfall, and her fellow actors scrambling for the door. This gag was so well-executed it could’ve given “Everyday French with Pierre Escargot” a run for its money. And it wasn’t just about the scare—it was the camaraderie, the planning, and the execution, all rolled into one epic Halloween prank.

Image 18825

**Season** **Year(s)** **New Cast Additions** **Key Events/Spin-offs** **Member Age Range** **Notable Guest Appearances/Exit Events**
1-4 1994-1998 Original Cast Launch of All That, which would become Nickelodeon’s longest-running live-action series. 12-17 Various celebrity guests set the foundation for the show’s popularity.
5 1998-1999 Nick Cannon, Mark Saul Expansion of the franchise with high ratings leading to spin-offs. 12-17 Original cast members start to depart, marking a new era for the show.
6-10 1999-2005 Various Newcomers Spin-offs include “Kenan & Kel,” “The Amanda Show,” “The Nick Cannon Show,” and film “Good Burger.” 10-21 Several original and early members make guest appearances; Josh Server features on Oh Yeah! Cartoons and 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd.

A Culinary Catastrophe: Cooking Up Chaos with the All That Cast

Fast forward to a 2003 episode, and we’re served up a skit featuring the iconic “Good Burger” that was more chaotic than the kitchen after a Thanksgiving feast. Imagine this: a sketch about a bumbling chef turning into an all-out food fight, with an air of culinary conflict thick enough to see the flying deli meats. Then, add a deluge of condiments joining the fray, soaring across the set in an arc glazed with hilarity. Truth be told, the unplanned food fight was the cherry on top of the comedy sundae, a testament to the notion that sometimes the best laughs aren’t found in the script, but in the spontaneous cascade of mayonnaise and mustard.

Talent Show Tumult: The All That Cast’s Unexpected Improv

Picture this, it’s 2001 and the script for a talent show sketch is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Enter Jamie Lynn Spears, a daring damsel of improv who wasn’t about to let her comedic light be dimmed by pesky stage directions. Mid-performance, Spears abandoned her rehearsed routine, instead improvising a show-stopping number. Her castmates, caught in the whirlwind of her audacity, found themselves part of an act that was nothing short of hilarious. That moment became a standout example of the raw and unfiltered talent that “All That” was known for nurturing—a jewel in the crown of young comedy royalty.

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The Day the Slime Didn’t Flow: An All That Cast Conundrum

Let’s not skirt around the issue—it’s a fiasco when the infamous green slime forgets its cue to drench some unsuspecting soul. In a twist of fate during a 2005 episode, the much-anticipated slime scene stumbled upon a hiccup, leading to a tense standoff between the cast and an absent gooey guest star. This tale is a coveted glimpse into the tightrope walk between meticulous planning and the thrill of live entertainment that was a hallmark of the “All That” experience. The smorgasbord of impromptu shenanigans that unfolded illustrates the adaptability and sheer inventiveness of the young cast, preventing what could’ve been a slimy situation from becoming a sticky mess.

Image 18826

Conclusion: The Wholesome Insanity of Childhood Stardom

The on-set chronicles of the all that cast resonate like a heartwarming laugh track across the annals of Nickelodeon history. They shed light on a place where boundless creativity and a strong sense of togetherness reigned supreme. From epic pranks to improvised mid-sketch performances, these behind-the-scenes stories paint a picture of not just the wholesome insanity of childhood stardom, but also the undeniable bond among those who shared the iconic orange couch. It’s clear that the legacy of “All That” is not only found in its sketches but also in the unforgettable moments that occurred when the cameras stopped rolling. These treasured memories prove that laughter wasn’t merely a by-product of the actor’s scripted lines—it was the very essence of the show’s spirit, a spontaneous and delightful spectacle that transcended the screen and nestled into the hearts of fans worldwide.

Behind the Laughter with the All That Cast

“All That” was a skit-tastic ride on the nostalgia train for any 90s kid. But, the funniest bits didn’t always make it on screen. Buckle up for some wild and wonky facts—’cause we’ve dug up five insane on-set stories about the all that cast that’ll have you snorting your milk through your nose.

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The Curious Case of the Missing Phone

Imagine you’re on set, and suddenly your phone does a Houdini. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one of the “All That” stars. But it wasn’t just any phone—it was a brand-spankin’-new clear phone case model that one of the actors absolutely adored. It turns out the clear case was a bit too stealthy against the busy background of the props table. It was found later, sitting pretty, pretending to be part of the set design. Talk about a transparent blunder!

Image 18827

The Unexpected Cameo

Alright, get this: there’s always room for surprises on set, right? Well, our sources say that Justin Bartha, yes, the quirky sidekick from “The Hangover, just happened to be visiting a friend on set the day they were shooting a medieval-themed skit. Before you knew it, Justin was thrown into a suit of armor and voilà, he became Sir Laughs-a-lot for the day. Sometimes, the best guest stars are the ones you never knew you needed!

The Taco Predicament

Ever found yourself pondering life’s big questions—like are Tacos healthy? Well, someone on the “All That” set did. In fact, they sparked such a debate that it led to a skit where characters hilariously tried to justify eating nothing but tacos for every meal. It was a riotous exploration of food pyramids and taco-fied food groups. Spoiler: the jury’s still out on the great taco debate, but laughs were definitely served.

The Doggone Day

Animals on set can either be awww-inducing or chaos-creating. The latter happened when The Farmer ‘s Dog decided to become the unofficial star during an outdoor shoot. This furry scene-stealer was supposed to run in, do a cute thing, and run out. Instead, it sprinted around wildly, turning the set into a game of canine catch-me-if-you-can. But hey, it was paws-itively hysterical and surely something for the blooper reel!

When Stunts Go Sideways

And the last gem for ya: Joe Locicero, known for his knack for performing stunts, was choreographing a simple pratfall for one of “All That”‘s physical comedy bits. Only it wasn’t so simple when he accidentally took down part of the set with him! He was fine, thank goodness, but the set? Let’s just say they “fell” a little behind schedule that day.

Every day with the all that cast was a laugh riot, but also an unplanned adventure—kind of like when Tommy Paul serves an unexpected ace on the court. And like when Patrick Renna delivered that iconic line in “The Sandlot, the all that cast truly knew: “You’re killin’ me, Smalls! with their off-the-cuff antics.

But wait—there’s more! Did you hear about the time Eric Winter accidentally walked in on a skit rehearsal and was mistaken for a new cast member? He went with it, of course, because once you step onto the “All That” stage, the script is just a suggestion!

So, folks, while the all that cast kept us anchored to our TV screens, their behind-the-scenes exploits were just as bonkers. These stories are just a sprinkle of the zaniness that brewed when the cameras stopped rolling. Until next time, keep it all that and a bag of chips!

All That Jazz (Glee Cast Version)

All That Jazz (Glee Cast Version)


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What happened to Josh from All That?

Oh, the nostalgia! So, what happened to Josh from “All That”? Well, Josh Server—an original cast member and an “All That” legend—eventually hung up his Nickelodeon jersey. After the show, he’s dipped his toes in a few acting gigs and, get this, he’s even done some stand-up comedy!

When did Nick Cannon join All That?

Nick Cannon? Oh, that guy’s been everywhere! But he officially joined the “All That” crew in the 5th season back in 1998. Since then, he’s been making waves, hosting shows, and even married Mariah Carey (though that ship has sailed).

Is Kenan and Kel a spin off of All That?

You betcha, “Kenan & Kel” is a spin-off! The dynamic duo, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, snagged their own gig after cracking us up on “All That.” It’s where we got that sweet, sweet “Who loves orange soda?” catchphrase that, let’s be honest, we all still quote.

How old was everyone on All That?

How old was everyone? That’s a mixed bag. The OG cast ranged from 12 to 15—prime tweenage years—when the show first aired in ’94. They were growing up right before our eyes, zits, voice cracks, and all!

Why didn t Lara Jean end up with Josh?

Whew, the heartache! Lara Jean didn’t end up with Josh not just because life’s a pickle pot of surprises but because her heart did some gymnastics and flipped for someone else, Peter Kavinsky. Josh was her safe choice, but Peter? He made her heart do the cha-cha.

What happens to Josh and Lara Jean?

So, Josh and Lara Jean? They’re like two ships that sailed in different directions. After their not-to-be romance fizzled in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” they went their separate ways. Josh remains a good friend, but Lara Jean’s got her love goggles set for Peter.

When did Lori Beth leave All That?

Lori Beth Denberg, with vital information for your everyday life, left “All That” in ’98. She blessed us with her comedic genius, then passed the torch to the new kids on the block.

When was Nick Cannon get lupus?

Nick Cannon’s health took a wild turn when he got diagnosed with lupus in 2012. The dude’s a trooper, though; he’s been managing it and still keeps us laughing despite the tough days.

What happened to Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Bynes? Oh, bless her. Post-“All That,” she had her ups and downs—movie stardom, TV shows, then some personal challenges and a public meltdown. Here’s to hoping she’s on the mend and getting the peace she deserves!

Who is Kel’s ex wife?

Kel’s ex-wife is Tyisha Hampton. They tied the knot back in the day but eventually parted ways. Life throws some curveballs, eh?

Where did they film All That?

We’re talking sunny weather, palm trees—yep, they filmed “All That” in sunny Orlando, Florida, at the Nickelodeon Studios. And then later in Hollywood, like so many of the greats!

When did Kenan and Kel get Cancelled?

Oh man, “Kenan & Kel” got the axe in 2000, and those orange soda dreams fizzled out. But not to worry, our stars moved on to bigger snacks and new laughs!

Why did All That get Cancelled?

Why did “All That” get cancelled? Well, it’s like all good things—it had its run, and after 10 slap-your-knee seasons, ratings dipped, and they called it a wrap in 2005. But hey, nothing lasts forever, right?

How old was Amanda Bynes in All That?

Amanda Bynes joined “All That” as one of the fresh faces for Season 3 in 1996 when she was just 10 years old. Yep, she was a little ’un but with a big knack for making us giggle!

Who is the youngest cast member on All That?

And the award for the youngest cast member goes to… Gabrielle Nevaeh Green! She joined the reboot of “All That” in 2019 at the ripe old age of 14. A teenager taking the comedic world by storm!


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