Power of Fashion

Are Clothes Having an Emotional Impact? Let’s Analyze the Power of Fashion

Have you ever wondered why you feel so comfortable in your favorite pair of jeans? This could cause you to consider whether your clothing affects how you think and feel, as well as your behavior and performance.

Many people put extra effort into dressing for special occasions, however, a large majority is in a dilemma between dressing up and feeling guilty for wanting to. They may not want to spend a lot of time or thought on their attire.

Recent scientific research and studies indicate that there’s more to the story. According to research, a makeover can give you an edge when it comes to your social, personal, and professional life.

It is therefore real that looking and feeling good can have an impact on your personality, behavior, confidence, attitude as well as mood and behavior. In case you’re thinking about it, the term used to describe this is enclothed cognition.

Cognition Closure

The term”enclothed cognition” refers to the impact that your clothing has on various mental processes. They are typically self-evaluation and interpersonal interactions emotional state, and attitude. Because of the symbolism behind various types of clothing in our society, enclothed cognition could be the consequence.

It is commonplace to think that certain clothes are more elegant and powerful than others. But, certain outfits are interesting and enjoyable. Your mind starts to consider the personality and preferences you have just encountered.

The clothes we wear and the occasions we attend help us to evaluate ourselves and those around us. People are naturally judged of their own self and judge their roles based on the clothes they wear. This is usually a result of how a dress makes you feel at an exact moment.

The concept of clothed cognition means that the way you experience the clothes you wear can affect your attitude and behavior.

What do clothes say about your thoughts?

The way you dress is an essential part of your self-confidence and self-esteem. But, the clothes you wear don’t just reflect your personality and send messages to the brain. It could also affect the way you think.

One research study regarding the effect of clothing on how you think suggests that professional attire encourages abstract thinking. As it creates social boundaries and distance, it also enhances the ability to think in more abstract and distant terms.

The formal attire you wear influences your way of processing, improving your decision-making. Your tie and suit can help you to gain an understanding that could aid you in securing a job.

In the same study, students who wear formal clothing to college also show a stronger inclination towards abstract thinking.


Thin-slicing is a mental process that is responsible for dealing with visual details instantaneously. In simple words it provides you with the gut feeling, impression or feeling about a certain thing or person.

Any new stimulus causes the brain to make a series of millisecond judgments. Have you ever felt that one person is steadier and more reliable while you hesitate to trust another person in the same person? It is because of the thin-slicing process, that you still judge books based on their covers.

Thin-slicing means that you need to be careful about how you present yourself. The clothes you wear are important. Remember that the world is a stage, and the clothes you wear can affect the character you portray.

Let’s take a look at the effect certain clothes can influence your attitude.

Gym Clothes

What do you do when you’re not feeling inspired to work out? You throw on your activewear to prepare your mind. Your gym clothes will help you be more motivated to complete exercises . What’s the secret to this?

It may be because your gym clothes set the mood and serve as a reminder to stay fit. If you dress in a the right attire, it automatically alters your mood and prepares you for a specific job.


Your clothing can affect your attitude, behavior, and even your thinking. The uniform is a piece of clothing connected to certain duties and behaviors. Uniforms help you be more knowledgeable about your work.

It can also give you an awareness of your responsibility which makes you aware of the expectations placed on you. Your coat may also inspire you to pay more attention to the job at hand, so you make fewer mistakes and mistakes.

School-going children also need to be aware of the psychological benefits of uniforms. Numerous studies have shown that children who wear uniforms are more productive. Wearing a uniform makes school more valuable and important to them.


Do you you feel more confident when you are wearing a well-tailored jacket than you do when you are dressed casually? Have you heard the saying “dress for the job that you want, not for the job you already have?’ It is apparent that formal attire can make a huge impression on how you think and how you think about your job or business.

The formal attire and office clothes like dress suits have the ability to place your mind in the right place to start working. These powerful outfits can make you feel more secure, confident and at ease. Many people refer to this as power clothing.

When you wear a powerful outfit, it releases chemical substances in the brain to help you display power. This contributes to making you an abstract thinker as well as an effective negotiator.

Try it out for yourself

You are aware of the effect clothes can have on your mood and thinking process. Here are some suggestions on how you can experiment with different outfits. This will boost your mood and allow you to get more success in both your personal and professional lives.


The colors you choose can instantly lift your mood and denote certain meanings. Therefore, it is important to choose color that is most suitable for your mood, attitude and level of confidence.

  • Bright colors, such as yellow are sure to make you smile.
  • Blue is a color for professionalism and peace of mind. It also develops a sense of confidence
  • A blue hue that is darker symbolizes consistency and reliability.
  • Red can make you feel happy and sensual so dress in red if you want to feel sexy
  • Black gives you the power and control you need.
  • The color purple represents spirituality and mysticism.
  • Brown is a color that can help you feel more grounded and appear more trustworthy
  • Orange is a symbol of enthusiasm.
  • Pink can make you feel more romantic
  • Wear white for a clear and focused both in the mental and emotional realms
  • The color green has soothing and healing properties.


The fabrics you wear can alter your appearance and outlook.

  • Cotton and wool fabrics encourage a calmer attitude, which helps to bring a more relaxed attitude to life.
  • Silk and other fabrics that feel soft against the skin can improve your mood and decrease stress.

Prints and embellishments

We’ll move on to prints and embellishments. These elements can regulate your emotions.

  • Sequins and other types of embellishments can fill you with an energy of joy, excitement and joy
  • Animal prints like stripes from tiger help to create fun emotions

Bottom Line

The way you dress and the clothes that you put on have a huge impact on your mood, motivation, confidence and overall behavior throughout the day. The colors and styles you choose to wear can have a significant impact on your thinking and make a difference in how you feel. This is why it is crucial that you choose your clothes carefully.

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