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Angie Everhart: 5 Insane Career Highlights

Angie Everhart’s life is anything but a monochromatic tale. Just like the vivid striking hue of her iconic red hair, her career tapestry is woven with unexpected shades and extraordinary patterns. From her discovery as a fresh face in the heartland to her versatile roles behind and in front of the camera, Angie Everhart’s journey is a mélange of success, innovation, and heartfelt philanthropy. Let’s take a kaleidoscopic look through the looking glass at the milestones that define this fierce trailblazer’s walk through the glitz of entertainment and beyond.

The Fascinating Journey of Angie Everhart’s Modeling Triumphs

Born in the bustling city of Akron, Ohio, on September 7, 1969, Angie Everhart was the quintessential girl-next-door with a fiery twist—her radiant red hair. A rather serendipitous encounter with a talent scout at the tender age of 16 catapulted her into the blazing spotlights of the modeling world. And, whoosh, just like that, she took the fashion industry by storm.

Angie’s rise to acclaim was as riveting as the plot of a blockbuster film. She graced the glossy pages of prestigious publications, such as Sports Illustrated and Glamour, her face becoming as synonymous with swimsuit issues as waves are to the sea. In an era when blonde hair and blue eyes were almost a passport to fashion stardom, Angie broke the mold. Her copper tresses set her apart, creating a brand of beauty that didn’t just toe the line—it leapfrogged over conventions.

Angie’s modeling gigs weren’t merely about striking poses; they were about painting a narrative that celebrated diversity. Every click of the shutter was a testament to her defiance against the one-size-fits-all beauty standards. She wasn’t just a model; she was a scarlet-haired revolution in heels.

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Angie Everhart’s Transition to Silver Screen Stardom

But, as the lights of the runway dimmed, the glow of the silver screen beckoned. Angie swapped haute couture for Hollywood scripts, diving headfirst into the deep end of acting. Her feature film debut in the fantastical “Last Action Hero” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger was an explosive introduction to the world of celluloid. The response? A cocktail of intrigue and admiration, with audiences taking notice of the redheaded vixen whose modeling poise translated seamlessly into cinematic presence.

Not one to be typecast, Angie’s portfolio of characters is as diverse as her modeling spreads. Her performance in “Take Me Home Tonight”, for instance, showcased her comedic flair, while “Bandido” played to the strengths of her adventurous spirit. Her modeling background, it seems, had endowed her with a chameleon-like adaptability, enabling her to imbue each character with an intrinsic authenticity that can’t be feigned.

And as she stepped through various roles, it became clear that Angie’s choices behind the scenes were measured strokes on the canvas of her career, each character a deliberate hue in her growing masterpiece.

Image 25036

Category Information
Full Name Angela Kay Everhart
Date of Birth September 7, 1969
Place of Birth Akron, Ohio, USA
Profession Actress, Producer
Notable Works – Last Action Hero (1993)
– Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
– Bandido (2004)
Marriage Carl Ferro (2014-2018, filed for divorce)
Children Kayden Bobby Everhart (born in 2009, with boyfriend Chad Stansbury)
Career Start Early 1990s
Modeling Highlights – Appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
– International modeling contracts
Acting Highlights – Numerous roles in film and television since the 1990s
Recent News Filed for divorce from Carl Ferro on February 23, 2018
Twitter Handle @angieeverhart (note: verify for current validity)
Other Ventures Has been featured in reality television and participated in celebrity gameshows

Angie Everhart’s Notable Endeavors Behind the Scenes

Angie was never one to confine her creativity to just one avenue. Her leap into the labyrinth of production was reminiscent of Alice venturing down the rabbit hole—curious, courageous, and determined to make a mark. As an executive producer, she carved out her own niche in a domain that often echoed with a predominant male voice.

Her foray behind the scenes charted a path for women who desired not only to be seen but to craft the stories being told. Angie’s headstrong nature was her compass, navigating through any turbulence with the grace of a seasoned captain. The trials may have been numerous, but her successes served as lighthouses, guiding and inspiring others to sail their own course in the tempestuous waters of production.

Though she has yet to slip into the director’s chair, Angie’s ambitions have never been shackled by the present. It wouldn’t be surprising to see her at the helm of a future project, guiding it with the same tenacity she’s shown throughout her multifaceted career.

Angie Everhart’s Ventures Beyond Entertainment

With a spirit as enterprising as Angie Everhart’s, it’s no surprise that her charisma couldn’t be contained to the realm of entertainment alone. Like a true entrepreneur, she expanded her brand, chiseling her name on products that captured her essence. Her fiery trademark locks, once sculpted by hair Rollers, hinted at a palpable partnership beckoning in the beauty industry.

Angie’s business acumen saw her collaborating with iconic brands while also nurturing her enterprises. Each venture brought to bear her indefatigable zeal and ingenuity, strengthening her public image as not just an entertainer, but also a savvy businesswoman with a keen eye for opportunity.

These entrepreneurial endeavors mirror her dynamism and are testaments to the indomitable will that has typified her career from the get-go. Angie Everhart isn’t just dipping her toes in various pools; she’s making waves that ripple across industries.

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The Intersection of Philanthropy and Angie Everhart’s Career

Yet, it’s not all spotlights and signing deals in the world of Angie Everhart. Just as intriguing is her commitment to philanthropy, weaving threads of kindness into the fabric of her career. Angie understands the influencer’s mantle she wears and uses it to shine a light on causes close to her heart.

Her initiatives and involvement with various philanthropic organizations resonate with her deep-seated belief in giving back. Whether she’s championing health causes or advocating for women’s rights, Angie’s actions are a testament to her unwavering sense of social responsibility. It’s this blend of career and compassion that paints Angie not just as a celebrity, but as a humanitarian.

In 2009, she welcomed her first child, son Kayden Bobby Everhart, with boyfriend Chad Stansbury—a personal highlight that undoubtedly influenced her charitable inclinations, possibly steering her towards causes that benefit children and families.

Image 25037

Angie Everhart’s Legacy and Influence on New Generations

As avant-garde as ever, Angie Everhart’s legacy is akin to an undying flame, inspiring new generations of models and actors. Her narrative is etched in the annals of the industry as a chronicle of success born from the willingness to evolve and adapt to the shifting landscapes of one’s career.

Angie serves as a dazzling lodestar for up-and-comers, her life’s work a blueprint mirroring qualities such as perseverance, versatility, and ambition—traits that are golden tickets in the roller coaster world of entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Her story encourages a new cohort to defy norms, just as she did with her distinctive red locks in a sea of industry sameness. Her impact ripples beyond trends, shaping a new industry standard that embraces diversity and resilience.


Angie Everhart’s career is a patchwork of impressive milestones that extends its reach into acting, production, business, and philanthropy. She’s morphed from an ingénue in front of the camera to a force to be reckoned with behind it, and then into a champion for charitable causes. This is a trajectory not just of fame, but of influence.

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Crafting an enduring legacy, Angie Everhart’s story is rich with lessons on transformation and impact. And while the curtains may eventually close on the stages and sets that have defined much of her journey, the legacy of Angie Everhart—the industrious visionary, the philanthropist, the pioneer—will indubitably continue to inspire and influence for moons to come.

Angie Everhart: From Flame-Haired Siren to Screen Sensation

Dive into the world of Angie Everhart, whose vibrant career is as red-hot as her signature locks. You know, the kind of red that turns heads and drops jaws—yeah, that’s Angie. In the pantheon of red-haired bombshells, she’s up there with the greats, having left an indelible mark with her fiery charisma and striking presence. Tuck in, folks; we’re about to spill some scalding trivia about this Hollywood vixen.

Image 25038

The Price of Fame – It’s Not All Net, Baby!

So, what’s the deal with that whole Is gross before or after Taxes debacle? When Angie started raking in the bucks for her modeling gigs, you can bet your bottom dollar she had to deal with that stuff. You might see the glitz and glamour, but behind every paycheck, there’s a little battle with the taxman. Trust me, the “gross” in gross income comes out swinging before Uncle Sam takes his “net” cut, which is something Angie likely had to become quickly acquainted with as her star soared.

A Scent of Success – From Catwalk to Perfume Bottles

Speaking of the sweet smell of success, did you know Angie could’ve been just a whiff away from her own fragrance line, like that Billie Eilish perfume? Imagine a perfume that captures the essence of the runway and those sultry Sports Illustrated shoots. Just one spritz and you’re transported to a photoshoot on a tropical beach, the camera adoring every frame. Alas, this isn’t a reality (yet?), but who wouldn’t love to dab on a bit of Angie’s fierce spirit?

Westerns and Warriors – Angie Saddles Up

If you think Angie’s just a pretty face, think again. She’s got the acting chops, too! Remember when she lassoed her way into our hearts with the stagecoach 1986 cast? Well, she didn’t exactly time travel to the Old West, but she sure could’ve given those cowboys a run for their money. Her on-screen gumption shined as bright as a sheriff’s badge, proving she’s as versatile as they come.

Fashion Forward – A Walk on the Wild Side

Ever heard of Chainiste? Yeah, it’s a bit out there—like something Angie would rock on the runway back in her catwalk days. She was always one step ahead of the fashion curve, draping herself in the bold and beautiful with the kind of confidence that made designers clamor for her touch. Whether it was adorning tantalizing textiles or owning avant-garde accessories, Angie knew how to make a statement beyond the silver screen.

Romance and Red Carpets – Costner’s Co-Star

One can’t help but wonder, could Angie have been on the list to become Kevin Costner wife? I mean, stranger things have happened in Tinseltown. It’s no secret that Angie has mingled with Hollywood’s elite, her allure enchanting even the most dashing of leading men. Though she may not have snagged the title of Mrs. Costner, she’s captured countless hearts alongside him on celluloid dreams.

Military Brat to Model Turned Maven

Did you know our girl Angie was as tough as nails from the get-go? Born on the grounds of fort george g meade, she’s no stranger to discipline and strength. This military base-bred bombshell was strutting her stuff in the barracks long before the bright lights of Hollywood. Talk about stripes earned and stars aspired!

Buddies and Blockbusters – The Everhart Entourage

Hey, you know who’s friends with our Angie? Breckin Meyer, that’s who! Yeah, he’s the dude from those teen flicks and funny shows. It’s a small world after all, especially in Hollywood, where every celeb is just a stone’s throw from another. They probably swap stories about the biz over coffee, or practice their acceptance speeches—you know, just casual A-lister things.

Well, there you have it, gang—some sizzling tidbits about Angie Everhart that are about as fascinating as finding a needle in a haystack. From silver screen to fashion queen, she’s got that special something that keeps us all watching. Keep an eye out for what she does next, because if her past is anything to go by, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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What is Angie Everhart famous for?

What is Angie Everhart famous for?
Holy smokes, Angie Everhart’s fame isn’t just a flash in the pan! Born on September 7, 1969, this Akron, Ohio native turned heads as a siren of the screen and a producer. Remember the kickin’ flick ‘Last Action Hero’ from ’93? Yep, that was her! Fast forward a couple of decades with roles in ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ and ‘Bandido’, and it’s clear this redhead ain’t no one-hit wonder.

Is Angie Everhart still married?

Is Angie Everhart still married?
Oh, the drama! Angie Everhart’s love story took a detour; she filed for divorce from Carl Ferro in 2018. They tied the knot back in 2014 but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Guess they’re both back on the market!

Does Angie Everhart have children?

Does Angie Everhart have children?
Yep, Angie’s been on diaper duty! She welcomed her little bundle of joy, Kayden Bobby Everhart, into the world in 2009. Dad’s none other than her then-beau, Chad Stansbury. Here’s to hoping the kiddo got mom’s star-studded genes!

How old is Angie Everhart now?

How old is Angie Everhart now?
Gosh, time flies when you’re strutting down the red carpet! Born in ’69 makes Angie Everhart a stunner pushing into her 50s. Can you believe it? Sure doesn’t look it, huh?

Was Angie Everhart a supermodel?

Was Angie Everhart a supermodel?
Boy, was she ever! Before she became a silver screen staple, Angie Everhart strutted her stuff on the catwalk. With her fierce red hair and legs for days, she was every designer’s dream in the 90s. A supermodel? You betcha!

Who was the redhead supermodel in the 90s?

Who was the redhead supermodel in the 90s?
Talk about a mane attraction! That fiery redhead scorching the 90s supermodel scene was none other than Angie Everhart. From magazine covers to runway ramps, her red locks were pretty much her signature.

Who did Angie Best marry?

Who did Angie Best marry?
Hold up, hold up! We’re talking Angie Everhart here, not Angie Best. That said, let’s dish about the fellas in Everhart’s life – she’s been married a couple of times. Most recently, to Carl Ferro, but before that, she walked down the aisle with Ashley Hamilton in ’96.

Does Angie Everhart have a sister?

Does Angie Everhart have a sister?
Hmm, Angie keeps her family tree somewhat under wraps. But a sister? That’s one detail that hasn’t been splashed across the tabloids, so she might just be flying solo in the sibling department.

Who did Angie Everhart married?

Who did Angie Everhart marry?
Angie Everhart has said “I do” a couple times. She first hitched her wagon to Ashley Hamilton in 1996, which turned out to be a short ride. Then, she gave marriage another whirl with Carl Ferro in 2014, but as luck would have it, that chapter closed in 2018.

What high school did Angie Everhart go to?

What high school did Angie Everhart go to?
Back in the day, Angie Everhart brushed up on her ABCs and 123s at Firestone High School in good ole Akron, Ohio. Who knew that school hallways would lead to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, huh?

When was Angie Everhart born?

When was Angie Everhart born?
Mark your calendars! Angie Everhart lit up the world for the first time on September 7, 1969. That makes her a dazzling Virgo – and clearly, she’s been making every year count!

What is the movie Wicked Minds about?

What is the movie Wicked Minds about?
Oh, buckle up – “Wicked Minds” is a thrill ride of deception and seduction! Imagine a guy tangled in a web spun by a femme fatale. Now toss in a juicy murder plot, and you’ve got a flick that’ll keep you guessing ’til the credits roll.

What age is Angie Dickinson?

What age is Angie Dickinson?
Angie Dickinson, another Angie powerhouse but from a different era, is well into her golden years. Born in 1931, do the math and she’s dancing through her 90s. She’s been gracing us with her presence for a good while!

Is Angie Dickinson’s birthday?

Is Angie Dickinson’s birthday?
Angie Dickinson, the stunning starlet from Hollywood’s golden age, celebrates her birthday every year on September 30. Born in 1931, she’s a Libra lady with the charm to show for it!


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