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5 Must-See Drew Barrymore Movies and TV Shows

The Evolution of Drew Barrymore Movies and TV Shows

From the sweet face beaming with untamed curls in “E.T.” to the flesh-craving suburban mom in “Santa Clarita Diet,” Drew Barrymore has morphed from child prodigy to a commanding presence in the ever-evolving cosmos of cinema and television. As one peruses the annals of Drew Barrymore movies and TV shows, it is hard not to be ensnared by her charisma—a sort of intangible sparkle that seems to dance off the screen.

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The Impact of Drew Barrymore in Film and Television

Once a pint-sized starlet tossed into the spotlight, Barrymore quickly galvanized her position in Tinseltown, blooming into a Hollywood A-lister with remarkable versatility and resilience. Her early tenure with the capricious specter of fame set the tone for a career peppered with a variety of roles that challenged expectations. Apart from her in-front-of-camera work, Barrymore’s role as a producer and director shouldn’t be glanced over; like a masterful puppeteer, she has navigated the strings of the industry, always with a twist of her unique flair.

Flashing those wildflower grins, Barrymore’s charm is an enduring siren’s call that has resonated across generations. So buckle up as we take a vintage Rolls-Royce through the vibrant tapestry of Drew’s career, pausing to admire five standouts in the gallery of drew Barrymore movies and TV shows.

Image 20903

The Unforgettable Drew Barrymore: ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’

  • Quintessence of a Starlet: Drew Barrymore’s enactment of the adorable Gertie in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” isn’t just a performance; it’s the stuff of legends. Imagine riveting the world with raw emotion at such a tender age—Barrymore did that and how!
  • Crafting the Future: Oh, the tales that spiel from behind the silver screen—like Barrymore’s instant rapport with the animatronic E.T., a metaphor for her future embrace of the unpredictable. Her portrayal isn’t just a personal triumph but a pivotal moment, auguring the destiny of a new kind of Hollywood heroine.
  • A Zeitgeist Tuned to Heartstrings: E.T.’s bicycle ride across the moon is etched in our collective psyche; it’s transcendental, poignant. And let’s face it, when E.T.’s finger glowed, we felt it flicker in our hearts, thanks in no small part to the emotional depth young Drew coaxed into every scene.

‘The Wedding Singer’: The Romantic Comedy Icon

  • The Spark with Sandler: Enter Adam Sandler, Barrymore’s comedic counterpoint in “The Wedding Singer”. Their chemistry was less of a slow burn and more of an explosion of laughs and ‘d’awws.’ Like the perfect mixtape, their pairing was a serendipitous hit.
  • Eighties Kid in a Candy Store: Capturing the zany zeitgeist of the 80s, Barrymore delivered a performance that was both a wink to the past and a nod to the Now. The film stirred a retro cocktail of nostalgia with a spritz of modern quirk.
  • Never-ending Echoes: Truly, the resonance of “The Wedding Singer” lies not just in its punchlines but in its pulsing heart, which beats in sync with an era draped in tulle and soaked in synth beats.

‘Ever After’: A Cinderella Story for the Modern Age

  • Twisting the Tale: As the gutsy Danielle in “Ever After”, Barrymore dusted off the ashes of the passé Cinderella and presented a heroine blistering with intellect and bravery—a welcome disruption in fairytale land.
  • A Stolen Crown: The juxtaposition of Barrymore’s earthy charm against a backdrop of renaissance splendor underscored an irresistible ethos. The movie didn’t simply entertain; it paraded a clarion call for self-rescuing princesses.
  • Of Time and Tales: It’s rare to see a film’s ripples reach the shores of future cinema, but “Ever After,” with its enlightened eye for anachronistic satire, did just that.

’50 First Dates’: Revisiting the Sandler-Barrymore Magic

  • A Romantic Recalibration: Whipping up a tale of love and amnesia, “50 First Dates” paired the magnetic duo of Barrymore and Sandler once more, amidst the azure allure of Hawaii, arguably the best place To stay in Maui.
  • Heartstrings and Punchlines: Her portrayal of a woman eternally ensnared by the present swayed between humor and pathos—a tightrope walk that showcased Barrymore’s finesse in threading the needle of rom-com perfection.
  • On Mind and Memory: The movie, while a bouquet of laughs, delicately tiptoed around mental health, leaving an imprint much like the poignant whispers of girl Moaning—gentle yet echoing a complex depth.

‘Santa Clarita Diet’: Showing Versatility on the Small Screen

  • Zombie Mom Next Door: Barrymore schmeared her quirky charisma on the canvas of the small screen, manifesting as Sheila in “Santa Clarita Diet”. Beneath the cookie-cutter veneer lurks a scrumptious twist—a mom turned zombie with a taste for the unconventional, much like the delightful shock of a Usb lighter.
  • Delightfully Macabre: Ensnaring audiences with her impeccable comedic timing, Drew Barrymore has fascinated and horrified in equal measure, proffering belly laughs spiced with a dash of gore.
  • A Binge-Worth Banquet: The show served up plates of horror-comedy with garnishes of social commentary, tantalizing audiences’ palates and leaving them craving seconds.

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Exploring the Depth of Drew Barrymore’s Acting Range

Barrymore’s oeuvre is no one-trick pony show; it’s an eclectic circus. The roles listed above, they don’t just play out as credits rolling up the screen; they signify the layers and textures of a performer who can pirouette from innocence to hilarity to haunting with a sorceress’s ease. Drew Barrymore movies and TV shows are not just diversions; they are incarnations of the human condition.

Image 20904

Year Title Type Role Notes
1980 Altered States Movie Margaret Jessup Film debut
1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Movie Gertie Breakthrough role
1984 Firestarter Movie Charlene “Charlie” McGee  
1985 Cat’s Eye Movie Amanda  
1989 See You in the Morning Movie Cathy Goodwin  
1992 Poison Ivy Movie Ivy Title role
1995 Boys on the Side Movie Holly Pulchik-Lincoln  
1996 Scream Movie Casey Becker  
1998 The Wedding Singer Movie Julia Sullivan  
1998 Ever After Movie Danielle de Barbarac Also co-producer
1999 Never Been Kissed Movie Josie Geller Also co-producer
2000 Charlie’s Angels Movie Dylan Sanders Also co-producer
2001 Donnie Darko Movie Karen Pomeroy Also executive producer
2003 Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle Movie Dylan Sanders Also co-producer
2004 50 First Dates Movie Lucy Whitmore  
2009 Grey Gardens Movie “Little” Edie Beale For HBO; Also executive producer
2009 Whip It Movie Smashley Simpson Also director
2014 Blended Movie Lauren Reynolds  
2015 Miss You Already Movie Jess  
2017–2019 Santa Clarita Diet TV Show Sheila Hammond Netflix series
2020 The Stand In Movie Candy Also producer
2021–present The Drew Barrymore Show TV Show Host Talk show

Drew Barrymore Movies and TV Shows: A Legacy of Charming Audiences

The lineage of Barrymore’s roles has woven a tapestry that portraits a legacy, each stitch a testament to her charm and relatability. This is a legacy punctuated with critical laud such as the battling whispers between Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith at the Oscars, and the kind that swells box office coffers alongside hearts.

And as one navigates the truths and fictions of Hollywood, whispered in corridors or bellowed on sets, the warmth of Drew’s legacy seems to embrace us, reiterating the familial bond we share with her history—from being half of the iconic duo involving Drew Barrymore’s spouse to the maternal likeness shared with Jaid barrymore.

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Pondering these myriad scenes and characters, one cannot help but recognize Drew Barrymore’s unequivocal standing in Hollywood. Her narrative arc—the apotheosis from a cherished child star to the matriarch of acting virtuosity—defines a trajectory as beguiling and brilliant as the woman herself.

Image 20905

And so, dear reader, at the end of this kaleidoscopic journey through Drew Barrymore’s film and TV repertoire, the call to action is not just to engage with her works but to revel in them. To get tangled up in the fairy tales, to swoon to the serenades of romantic comedies, to chortle at zombie antics, and to salute the tousled-haired girl who stole our hearts somewhere in the stacks of wheat beneath a moonlit sky. Now go forth, get your popcorn ready, and let Drew’s charm once again tickle your fancy.

Get Hooked on These Drew Barrymore Movies and TV Shows

Drew Barrymore has been gracing the silver screen since she was a wee one—no kidding, she was practically a toddler when she started. And man, has she given us some knockout performances! We’ve got a treasure trove of Drew Barrymore hits that you simply can’t miss. Trust us, after reading this, you’ll be revving up your streaming devices faster than you can say “E.T. phone home!”

“The Wedding Singer”: A Tune You Can’t Forget

Ah, the sweet sound of the ’80s—big hair, rad tunes, and, of course, “The Wedding Singer.” This rom-com is a total crowd-pleaser. Drew, alongside Adam Sandler, brings the laughs and the awwws. It’s like that totally awesome mixtape you made in high school; it never gets old. Speaking of awesome pairings, did you know Drew’s camaraderie with Adam Sandler is as epic as the unexpected chemistry between Chris Rock And Jada pinkett smith? Talk about a dynamic duo!

“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”: A Sci-Fi Icon

Who can ever forget the adorable Gertie in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”? I mean, c’mon, her scenes with the lovable alien? Heart-melting! This movie shot Drew into the stratosphere of stardom when she was just knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s as iconic as, well, Game Of Thrones season 7 was for TV—and that’s saying something!

“50 First Dates”: Love on Repeat

Picture this: every day, you have to win over the love of your life ’cause they can’t remember you. Yikes, right? But Drew and Adam Sandler turn what could be a real bummer into something totally sweet and side-splittingly funny in “50 First Dates.” It’s like Groundhog Day meets The Notebook, minus the beefy drama—and speaking of “beefy,” ever hear about that beef recall? Thank goodness that’s not the kind of memory you’d want to relive!

“Never Been Kissed”: Adorably Awkward

Ever wish you could redo high school? Yeah, me neither, but Drew’s character in “Never Been Kissed” gets just that—a do-over. Playing a reporter who goes undercover as a high school student, she nails the part of a late bloomer. It’s the perfect feel-good flick for when you need to believe in second chances.

“Santa Clarita Diet”: A Bite-Sized Surprise

Switching it up from the silver screen to your streaming services, let’s talk about “Santa Clarita Diet.” This show is like nothing you’ve seen before. Drew as a real estate agent turned zombie? It’s a wild ride that’s both gory and hilarious. You’ll be gobbling up episodes faster than she munches on the neighbors. Too much? Nah!

Look, Drew’s had quite the journey—from child star to Hollywood A-lister, and she’s even been through the ringer in love too. Curious about her love life? Peek into the world of Drew Barrymore ’ s spouse and find out how our favorite leading lady has fared in the romance department.

So, there you have it! Drew Barrymore movies and TV shows that are the bee’s knees. Go ahead, make some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and treat yourself to a Drew-fest. You deserve it!

Film Favorites Drew Barrymore (Music and Lyrics, Going the Distance, The Wedding Singer Special Edition, Home Fries)

Film Favorites Drew Barrymore (Music and Lyrics, Going the Distance, The Wedding Singer Special Edition, Home Fries)


Dive into the delightful world of Drew Barrymore with the Film Favorites collection, featuring a quartet of her most enchanting romantic comedies. This specially curated set includes “Music and Lyrics,” where Barrymore shines as the quirky and endearing Sophie Fisher opposite Hugh Grants washed-up pop star. Fans can revel in the chemistry and catchy tunes that make this film a heartwarming watch. “Going the Distance” brings a more modern and relatable tale of long-distance love, with Barrymore’s character navigating the ups and downs of keeping the flame alive against the odds.

The collection wouldn’t be complete without the touch of nostalgia provided by “The Wedding Singer Special Edition,” where Barrymore captures the essence of sweet-natured Julia, a waitress waiting for her big break in love during the vibrant 1980s. Each frame is filled with humor and warmth, as the connection between her character and Adam Sandler’s wedding singer blossoms into an unforgettable romance. This special edition includes bonus features that bring viewers behind the scenes of this cult classic. Barrymore’s ability to blend playfulness with poignant moments reaffirms her status as a rom-com favorite.

Finally, “Home Fries” serves up a unique blend of comedy and offbeat storytelling, with Barrymore at the heart of a quirky love triangle set against the backdrop of a fast-food restaurant and a family feud. Her portrayal of the pregnant drive-through attendant Sally connects with viewers on both comedic and heartfelt levels, showcasing her skill at finding depth in seemingly lighthearted roles. This collection beautifully highlights Drew Barrymore’s range and charm, making it a must-have for admirers of her work and lovers of the genre alike.

What happened to Lisa from Saved by the Bell?

Phew, Lisa from “Saved by the Bell,” played by Lark Voorhies, disappeared from the spotlight for a while, huh? After the show, she popped up in a few gigs but mainly stepped out of the limelight to focus on her personal life and health. Talk about a curveball – she’s also a writer now, with her own production company thrown into the mix!

How old was Lark Voorhies on Saved by the Bell?

Hold on to your hats, folks! Lark Voorhies was just 15 years old when she first strutted down the Bayside High hallways as Lisa Turtle. Talk about starting young and leaving footprints in the sands of ’90s pop culture!

Why is Lark Voorhies not in Saved by the Bell reboot?

Oh boy, the grapevine’s been buzzing about why Lark Voorhies wasn’t in the “Saved by the Bell” reboot, right? Well, the lowdown is that she wasn’t originally asked to join the comeback crew, stirring up quite the ruckus among fans. Eventually, she made a cameo, but it’s fair to say her absence in the initial announcements raised a few eyebrows.

How much is Lisa from Saved by the Bell worth?

Alrighty, let’s talk turkey. Lisa from “Saved by the Bell,” aka Lark Voorhies, is sitting pretty with an estimated net worth of about $500,000. Not too shabby for our favorite fashionista from Bayside!

When did Tiffani Amber Thiessen leave Saved by the Bell?

Tiffani Amber Thiessen waved goodbye to those hallowed halls of Bayside High after the college-bound season, as she set her sights on new horizons. She left when the original series ended, diving into roles that were a tad more grown-up, like Beverly Hills, with a “90210” tacked on.

Why did Lisa and Kelly leave Saved by the Bell?

Alright, dive into this drama: Lisa and Kelly, aka Lark Voorhies and Tiffani Amber Thiessen, split from “Saved by the Bell” due to the ol’ familiar story—contract hassles and the alluring call of new opportunities. After the show wrapped up, they headed for different zip codes, always chasing that next big break!

Did anyone from Saved by the Bell date in real life?

Well, would you believe it? The Bayside rumor mill’s got it right—some of the “Saved by the Bell” stars did indeed date off-camera. Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the iconic Kelly and Zack duo, were an item for a bit. And, word has it Mario Lopez and Tiffani also had a short fling. Ah, young love amid the lockers and lunch tables!

How old was Mario Lopez during Saved by the Bell?

Hey now, Mario Lopez was just a spry 16-year-old when he started flexing those athletic muscles as A.C. Slater on “Saved by the Bell.” He might’ve been young, but he had enough charm to fill the whole gymnasium!

What is Lark Voorhies diagnosed with?

Alright, let’s cut to the chase: Lark Voorhies bravely came forward with her diagnosis of bipolar disorder, shining a light on mental health in the process. It’s been a tough road, but she’s been channeling her energy into creative pursuits, showing that it’s possible to keep shining no matter what life throws at you.

Are the Saved by the Bell cast still friends?

Despite the ups and downs you’d expect in any group of pals, it seems like the “Saved by the Bell” cast has managed to keep some good vibes going. You’ll catch them throwing out compliments or sharing a throwback pic on social media, keeping the Bayside spirit alive.

What was Saved by the Bell a spin off of?

Hang onto your hats, trivia buffs—“Saved by the Bell” was actually a spinoff from a less-renowned show called “Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” featuring the always fabulous Hayley Mills. It was a total makeover that swapped the teacher focus for those memorable students we all know and love.

Did Saved by the Bell reboot get Cancelled?

Alright, gang, the word on the street is that the “Saved by the Bell” reboot faced the chopping block and got canceled after just two seasons. Guess Bayside’s new class didn’t quite make the grade in the eyes of the powers that be. A real shame if you’re asking me, especially for all us die-hard fans!

Who is the richest actor from Saved by the Bell?

Well, well, well, if we’re talking cold, hard cash, Mark-Paul Gosselaar takes the lead as the richest “Saved by the Bell” alumnus with an estimated net worth that’s knocking on a staggering $8 million door. Zack Morris sure knew how to cash in on those “time-outs!”

How much is Mario from Saved by the Bell worth?

Look alive, folks, Mario Lopez, our beloved Slater, has wrestled his way to a cool estimated net worth of around $25 million. That’s right, this Bayside tiger’s been busy with hosting gigs, acting, and breaking a sweat in the fitness world. Talk about raking it in!

How much was Dustin Diamond worth when he passed away?

When Dustin Diamond, our lovable Screech, sadly passed in 2021, the tinseltown chatter estimated his net worth in the neighborhood of $300,000. It’s a stark reminder that those Hollywood hills can be just as rocky as they are star-studded.


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