Kanye West

Kanye West’s Descending Spiral Continues (For Real This Time)

Ye, formerly Kanye West’s artist, releases Donda 2 & premieres his trilogy documentary via Netflix

Kanye West is constantly in the news, but never for the right reasons. In February 2021, Kanye West released his eleventh studio album. A documentary trilogy called jeenyuss is also available on Netflix. His nasty split from Kim Kardashian has also made him a news figure.

Donda2 was dropped exclusively on a Stem Player music device. He stated that the album will not be available through streaming services. You can instead purchase a StemPlayer for $200. West is known for fixing things later and releasing albums. His first album is regarded as a bit lacking in quality compared to his other work.

West has been in the news again following a dispute with his ex-wife. Kardashian is reportedly now dating SNL comedian Pete Davidson. West tried to harass his fans several times after he learned about their relationship. West even created a claymation-style video of Donda 2’s single that shows him burying Davidson alive.

West is a well-known musician who is often in the news when an album or project is near release. Many speculate that controversy is part and parcel of the album release process. However, this seems to be a more personal matter than album sales or Billboard rankings.

West has been posting all his business online. Davidson tried to contact West to calm him down and arrange for them to meet privately. West continued to tell Davidson that he would attend the West’s Sunday Service, posting the conversation online (now deleted). Davidson tried to go a higher route and asked his Saturday Night Live writers not to make material about the rapper.

Davidson also pleaded for West to stop talking negatively about Kardashian and get mental health care. Until more details emerge, there is not much to say about the situation.

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