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Pardison Fontaine: 5 Essential Tracks

Pardison Fontaine’s Musical Mastery: A Deep Dive into His Essential Tracks

In the chiaroscuro of today’s rap scene, where artists often flit between the penumbras of fame and the blinding lights of stardom, one storyteller has scribed his path with unmistakable grit and verve—Pardison Fontaine. From the cobblestone streets of Newburgh, NY, to the gilded corridors of hip-hop royalty, this lyricist has stitched a tapestry of tracks spilling with raw vitality and street-smart poetics. Today, we unravel the seams of his songs to uncover the enigmatic artist’s essential anthems.

The Evolution of Pardison Fontaine: Setting the Stage for a Lyricist’s Growth

Pardison Fontaine, often just ‘Pardi’ to those who have watched his climb, has become a beacon in the contemporary rap sphere. His craft isn’t just about dropping bars; it’s about weaving narratives that echo the heartbeats of his listeners. His unique blend of autobiographical storytelling and cultural commentary has made him a figure not just to bob heads to, but to reflect with.

In selecting Fontaine’s most pivotal tracks, we’ve sailed a vast ocean of rhythmic bravado and candor, seeking songs that beat with the pulse of alternative rhythm and rhyme. We’ve sought out tunes that don’t just fit the mold but break it, in true Twisted Magazine fashion, with the unpredictable creativity of Tim Burton and the edgy style of Vivienne Westwood.

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Full Name Jordyn Kyle Lanier Thorpe
Stage Name Pardison Fontaine
Birthdate December 29, 1989
Hometown Newburgh, New York
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Relationship Status Single (as of November 2023)
Ex-partner Megan Thee Stallion (confirmed relationship in 2021, split in 2023)
Relationship Duration Over 2 years (2021-2023)
Recent Media Buzz Split with Megan Thee Stallion, rumored link with Romelu Lukaku
Musical Highlights “Backin’ It Up” (feat. Cardi B), Songwriting on “Savage” (Megan Thee Stallion)
Notable Work Co-writer on several tracks for Kanye West’s “Yandhi”
Public Image Known for public displays of affection, recently including an affectionate poem toward ex-partner Megan Thee Stallion which did not reconcile the relationship

“Backin’ It Up” (feat. Cardi B): A Definitive Pardison Anthem

The track that had everyone’s pirate outfit swagger on full blare was “Backin’ It Up” featuring the irrepressible Cardi B. It wasn’t just a song; it was a tidal wave cradling Pardison Fontaine to bank on his undeniable talent. The cultural ripples it sent out were, dare we say, as impactful as Jack Black serenading “Peaches.”

Analyzing Fontaine’s lyrical prowess on this track is like peeling an onion with infinite layers. Each verse, each line is a masterclass in rhythmic acuity, a testament to Fontaine’s verbal finesse with a Cardi B collaboration that was nothing short of legendary.

Setting a trail ablaze for his career, Pardison’s flow in “Backin’ It Up” was both an arrival and a prophecy. It screamed that he wasn’t just in the game; he was the game.

Backin’ It Up (feat. Cardi B) [Explicit]

Backin' It Up (feat. Cardi B) [Explicit]


“Backin’ It Up (feat. Cardi B) [Explicit]” is a high-energy hip-hop track that sees Bronx rapper-singer Pardison Fontaine collaborating with iconic rap superstar Cardi B. The song combines sharp lyrics with an infectious beat, making it a hit for fans of the genre looking to add some attitude to their playlists. Pardison delivers a strong performance that’s perfectly complemented by Cardi B’s unmistakable flow and fiery punchlines. The track is a bravado-filled anthem that empowers listeners to embrace their confidence and swagger.

Cardi B’s feature on the track adds a layer of boldness and star power that elevates the song to new heights. Her verse showcases her unique style and knack for catchy rhythms, ensuring that the song resonates with her extensive fan base. The explicit content of the lyrics is a signature of Cardi’s unapologetic persona, resonating with listeners who appreciate raw and uncensored expression in music. It’s a collaboration that blends perfectly, with both artists bouncing off each other’s energy and style.

“Backin’ It Up” is not only a triumph in terms of musical collaboration but also a standout addition to any party or workout playlist. Its thumping bass and rhythmic beats are designed to get people moving, making it a favorite for DJs and music lovers who crave songs that fill the dance floor. The tracks explicit nature serves as a reminder of the candid street tales and bold declarations that are often celebrated in hip-hop culture. With its catchy hook and memorable lines, “Backin’ It Up” is destined to remain a popular hit in clubs and on airwaves.

“Not There Yet”: The Introspective Side of Pardison Fontaine

If “Backin’ It Up” was a storm, “Not There Yet” is the introspective calm after. It’s Pardison at his most vulnerable, peeling back layers of his fortified exterior to reveal an artist in contemplation.

The unconventional structure of this track speaks volumes—verses that feel like candid journal entries, choruses that hit like conversations with old friends. Here, we see an artist not just reflecting but conversing with his audience.

In an industry where intimacy is often sacrificed on the altar of bravado, “Not There Yet” stands as a beacon of personal storytelling—a portrait painted in minor keys and honest lyrics.

Image 15744

“Peach”: Championing Lyrical Dexterity Amidst Eclectic Beats

With “Peach,” Pardison Fontaine seasons his rap stew with complex verses that behave like verbal gymnasts, flipping and twisting upon a vintage-infused soundscape. It’s like watching a well-tailored script come to life—each word measured, each rhyme intentional.

The track is a sensory overload, much like the unexpected bliss one might stumble upon drawing cool pictures with utter abandon. And it’s in these moments that Fontaine’s verbal agility shines the brightest, interweaving with beats that could make a heart with two left feet find its rhythm.

It’s this very versatility that underscores Fontaine’s position in the rap game. Not just a writer, not just a rapper—a true artisan painting sound with a bold brush.

“Shea Butter”: The Ode to Black Beauty and Empowerment

Defying convention is the name of the game, and “Shea Butter” is Pardison playing it with majestic prowess. Its socio-cultural implications run deep, echoing the resonant beats of black beauty and empowerment with every bar.

The lyricism here is as rich and potent as the substance the track is named after. It speaks volumes of a culture, of an identity, and in Pardison’s hands, becomes an anthem of adoration and strength.

As if reflecting on the artistry of Kendra Lust, here Fontaine weaves a tapestry of admiration for black femininity, representing a commitment to the nuanced and beautiful stories of his people.

UNDERED [Explicit]

UNDERED [Explicit]


“UNDERED [Explicit]” is a boundary-pushing musical album that caters to an audience seeking an unfiltered artistic experience, brimming with raw emotion and explicit content. Each track delves deep into the gritty aspects of life, relationships, and self-discovery, presented unapologetically to resonate with listeners who appreciate honesty in artistry. The production is top-notch, blending cutting-edge beats with haunting melodies that linger long after the last note fades. It’s a sonic journey that’s not just heard but felt, as every song embodies the intensity and complexity of the human experience.

From pulsating bass lines to sharp, incisive lyricism, “UNDERED [Explicit]” is a record for those who aren’t afraid to confront the unvarnished truth of the world around them. The artist’s unique voice cuts through the mix, delivering verses that are at times a gut punch and at others a tender caress, revealing the multi-layered facets of the album’s themes. Collaborations with other artists add a rich texture to the project, showcasing a range of styles that still maintain a cohesive sound throughout. It’s an album that isn’t afraid to push boundaries and challenge listeners, ensuring that each playthrough offers a new perspective.

Encased in an equally expressive and provocative album cover, “UNDERED [Explicit]” is not just a melodic compilation but a complete audiovisual statement. It’s designed to elicit a strong response, be it through the evocative imagery or the explicit content that doesn’t shy away from controversy. The physical and digital releases are packed with additional material, like exclusive tracks and behind-the-scenes content, deepening the immersion into the album’s gritty ethos. For music enthusiasts looking for something beyond the mainstream, “UNDERED [Explicit]” provides an intense, authentic experience that redefines what modern music can be.

“Rodman”: Showcasing Pardison Fontaine’s Storytelling and Wit

Ah, “Rodman,” the track that’s as vibrant and wild as any episode from American Horror story season 10. Here, Pardison demonstrates a knack for storytelling that’s imbued with a je ne sais quoi akin to Jefferson White‘s stirring performances.

The track dribbles with a humor and wit that’s rare, yet coveted. With masterful rhymes and metaphors as complex as yet-to-be-solved riddles, Fontaine swings for the fences and connects—every single time.

“Rodman” is Pardison’s flu game; it captures his artistic essence, a blend of laughter and lyrical adroitness that leaves a lasting mark on the canvas of hip-hop.

Image 15745

Pardison Fontaine: The Lyricist’s Impact and Future Trajectory

Now, wrapping this lyrical escapade in a velvet ribbon of words, we look to the hue of the horizon. Pardison Fontaine’s voice has etched itself in the tableau of the rap industry with the permanence of ancient glyphs.

Based on the lyrical land he’s traveled thus far, the journey ahead is as promising as a sealed Newegg Promo code—ripe with potential and anticipation. We stand, eyes trained on this pied piper of urban poetry, awaiting the next stanza of his unfolding saga.

As Pardison continues to weave his narrative, the rap industry is on alert—here marches an artist not just of the moment, but for the ages.

That’s Cute [Explicit]

That's Cute [Explicit]


Title: That’s Cute [Explicit]

Unleash a bold blend of attitude and style with our latest music track “That’s Cute [Explicit].” This provocative anthem features razor-sharp lyrics that cut through the noise, delivering an unfiltered dose of raw emotion wrapped in a catchy, rhythmic package. With its pulsating beats and memorable hooks, this track is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The explicit tag serves as a reminder that this song embraces its edginess and pushes the boundaries of conventional pop.

The song isn’t just about its fierce lyrics; “That’s Cute [Explicit]” also boasts a soundscape that fuses modern pop with elements of hip-hop and electro influences. Each verse builds upon the last, creating a powerful crescendo that culminates in an explosive chorus guaranteed to get heads nodding. The gritty bass line and synthesizer flourishes provide a perfect backdrop for the vocal performance, which is both commanding and charismatic. This is a track that won’t just be heard; it’ll be felt, resonating with anyone who’s ever wanted to confidently showcase their true colors.

“That’s Cute [Explicit]” isn’t merely a song; it’s an experience that’s impossible to ignore and destined to become an empowering anthem. Its the perfect addition to any playlist thats in need of an energetic boost or a dose of unapologetic sass. Whether you’re gearing up for a night out or just need to embrace your inner strength, this track has you covered. Embrace the explicit, let your hair down, and crank up the volume “That’s Cute” is here to redefine boldness in music.


In the exploration of Pardison Fontaine’s quintessential tracks, it’s clear that the artist is a living, breathing element of hip-hop’s periodic table. His growth is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of music where words are not just heard but felt.

As we look forward to the future, the world waits with bated breath for the full crescendo of Pardison’s talent. From American Horror story season 8 marathons to the latest gossip on celebrities, it’s always the unconventional narratives that captivate us the most.

Image 15746

So, take this article not just as a mere piece but as an invitation, a call to continue down the rabbit hole of Pardison Fontaine’s lyrical labyrinth. In the hall of hip-hop’s immortals, there’s a space reserved for a man from Newburgh, NY—a space that only he can fill with his rhymes, his wit, and his undeniable swagger.

Pardison Fontaine: Behind the Rhymes

Pardison Fontaine has been spittin’ fire in the hip-hop scene, solidly cementing his place not just as a ghostwriter for the big shots, but also as a standout artist in his own right. Folks, y’all need to buckle up, ’cause we’re about to dive into some trivia and nuggets of gold about this lyrical maestro that will make you say, “Aight, I see you, Pardi!”

The Brush Strokes of Collaboration

Did you know Pardi’s talent for painting pictures with words ain’t limited to his own canvas? This guy’s had his artistic hands in more pies than you can imagine, and I’m not talkin’ about those jack black Peaches kind of surprises. Pardi’s most notable co-writing gig was penning lines for none other than Cardi B, on her chart-topping smash,Bodak Yellow. That’s right, he’s got a knack for creating hits that stick – just like your favorite melody loops in your head on a lazy Sunday morning.

From Scribbles to Hits: Pardi’s Creative Process

You might wonder, “How does Pardi come up with those bangers?” Well, it’s not like he’s scrolling through an endless list of cool Pictures To draw for inspiration. Nah, our man dives deep into the pool of personal experiences and real talk, which is why his tracks hit home harder than a slam dunk on an outdoor court with your buddies cheering on.

The Pardi Never Stops

Now, let’s keep it 100 – Pardi’s energy is infectious. This dude turns the recording booth into a block party. When he lays down a track, it’s not just fire—it’s a full-on blaze that you can feel in your bones. With every verse and hook, Pardi invites us to join in, and let’s be real, who’s gonna turn down an invite to that kind of party?

Pardi’s Recipe for Hits: A Dash of Realness and a Sprinkle of Swagger

And here’s a little secret: Pardi’s flow is smoother than a butter on a hot skillet. The man doesn’t just rap; he tells stories that resonate with the soul. Each track is a journey, a ride through highs and lows, raining truth bombs like confetti at a surprise birthday bash. It’s his unapologetic honesty mixed with that signature swagger that keeps us coming back for more.

The Pardison Anthem: Tracks That Define a Career

Hold up, we ain’t done yet! Pardi’s story is still being written, with every rhyme adding to his legacy. From his breakout moments to those deep cuts that true fans know word for word, each track Pardi lays down is more than just music—it’s a chapter in the epic saga that is Pardison Fontaine.

Well, there you have it, fam—a few slices of trivia pie about our boy Pardi. Just remember, whether he’s behind the mic or penning bars for another artist, Pardison Fontaine is the real deal, a true poet of the streets. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, ’cause this hitmaker’s story is far from over.

Oyyy [Explicit]

Oyyy [Explicit]


Oyyy [Explicit] is a pulsating and unapologetic foray into today’s music scene that tantalizes the senses with its bold lyrical content and infectious beats. Targeting a mature audience, the album exudes confidence, embodying the type of audacity that demands attention and ignites conversations. Each track is masterfully crafted, ensuring that listeners are not just hearing the music but feeling every rhythm and rhyme. This is the kind of music that resonates with the core of those who appreciate an unfiltered and raw sound.

The production quality of Oyyy [Explicit] is top-notch, with crystal clear sound that allows every detail in the mix to shine throughfrom the gritty bass lines to the crisp, layered vocals. The producers have pushed the boundaries of genre conventions, infusing elements of hip-hop, EDM, and alternative sounds to create a sonic landscape that’s as diverse as it is engaging. It’s a testament to the artists’ willingness to explore and innovate, ensuring that the album feels fresh and vital.

Oyyy [Explicit] is not just a collection of songs; it’s an experience designed to take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster. From the adrenaline-inducing highs of the upbeat party anthems to the introspective depths of the soul-baring ballads, the album covers an expansive emotional spectrum. It’s a modern soundtrack for the bold, the fearless, and the outspoken, ready to be played at full volume. Whether you’re looking for anthems to blast in your car or tracks to delve into with your headphones, Oyyy [Explicit] delivers with undeniable power and presence.

Are Megan and Pardi still together?

Well, hold onto your hats, folks! As of my last cyber sleuthing, Megan Thee Stallion and Pardi are still cozying up as a couple. Talk about relationship goals, huh?

How long have Megan and Pardi been together?

Time really flies when you’re in love, doesn’t it? Megan and Pardi have been weaving their romantic web since around early 2020. That’s a nice stretch of time to build a solid foundation, if you ask me!

Where does Pardison Fontaine live?

Pardison Fontaine, that’s Mr. Romantic himself, pitches his tent over in Newburgh, New York. Not exactly Hollywood, but hey, a hometown hero’s gotta represent, right?

How old is Pardison Fontaine?

Counting the candles on the birthday cake, Pardison Fontaine, the man of the hour, hit the ripe age of 33 last year. But you know what they say: age is just a number, especially in the rap game.

Is Megan and Pardi still together May 2023?

As of May 2023, is the love train chugging along for Megan and Pardi? Last I checked, yep, they’re still playing the love game together. Stability is the name of the game this year, apparently!

Who is Megan 3 Stallion dating?

Megan Thee Stallion, our very own Hot Girl Coach, is currently romancing the slick wordsmith Pardison Fontaine. And believe me, the internet’s pretty convinced they’re the real deal.

Who is Megan’s boyfriend?

Drumroll, please… Megan’s current main squeeze is none other than Pardi, aka Pardison Fontaine. These two lovebirds aren’t shy about their romance, and neither is social media!

Are Megan and Pardi engaged?

So everyone’s wondering if Megan and Pardi have put a ring on it, huh? As of now, those engagement rumors are just that – rumors. But hey, never say never, right?

Who has Pardi dated?

Before Megan came into the picture, Pardi’s love life was a bit of a mystery. Sure, the guy’s personal, but it seems he’s kept his past romances under wraps. A true gentleman keeps it classy!

Why is Pardison Fontaine famous?

Pardison Fontaine stepped into the spotlight not just with his killer bars but for penning hits for the big dogs—like none other than Kanye West. Talk about some serious street cred!

What college did Pardison Fontaine go to?

Taking it back to his book-smart days, Pardison Fontaine waved goodbye to his alma mater, Mercy College. Just goes to show, even the coolest cats hit the books.

Who wrote Pardison Fontaine for?

Bet you didn’t know that Pardi has worked his wordsmith magic for some top-charting celebs! Yep, he’s written for Kanye West, Cardi B, and others. Talk about having a way with words!

Who is Pardi Fontaine’s daughter?

A little birdie told me that Pardi Fontaine is a proud papa to a darling daughter. But, he’s keeping her out of the limelight. Papa Pardi being protective, and rightly so!

How tall is Pardison Pardi Fontaine?

When it comes to heights, Pardi towers over the crowd. Pardison Fontaine stands tall at a sky-scraping 6 feet 5 inches. That’s one lofty lyricist!

What is Pardison real name?

Pardi doesn’t just have a way with words—his real name, Jordan Kyle Lanier Thorpe, has got quite the rhythm to it, don’t you think? Just rolls off the tongue!


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