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Pick n Save: Crazy 7 Secrets for Easy Shopping Discounts!

An Unexpected Treasure Trove at “Pick n Save”

Ever thought of shopping as a thrilling treasure hunt? Well, “Pick n Save” is the eccentric wardrobe to your shopping Narnia. A realm where convenience meets savings, and fun and thrift become unexpected allies. Think of it like stumbling upon a secret party your neighbours forgot to invite you to – and you’re about to crash it in style!

With “pick n save,” it’s all in the name, really: you PICK your favourite items and SAVE big time. Unravel a bonanza of crazy discounts that make for a shopping experience as unpredictable as a Tim Burton film, with design flair a la Vivienne Westwood.

Craze #1- Harness the Power of Amazon Relay

Imagine the bewilderment on the face of the Cheshire Cat if he found out about Amazon Relay’s ties to Pick n Save. Yes, you heard right! Amazon Relay, the service that allows quick pickup for truck drivers, is linked to Pick n Save think Andrew Tate entering a race car. Why bother the Mad Hatter with nonsensical tea parties when you can have discounts galore at your disposal?

Craze #2 – The Chuze Fitness Connection

No, we’re not pulling a David Copperfield trick on you! Chuze Fitness and Pick n Save partner up like Batman and Robin of the shopping world. Avail Chuze Fitness membership perks at Pick n Save – your wallet will thank you for it!


What’s in a Name? The New Identity of Pick n Save

From the ashes, a la Phoenix, Pic ‘N’ Save is reborn as Big Lots. The name change is influenced by Big Lots’ plans to transform 131 Pic ‘N’ Save stores under a new vibrant and radiant Big Lots brand. It’s akin to a fashion makeover – fresh, clean, sharper service, and trendier than a new season’s Prada collection.

Craze #3 – The Fred Meyer Pharmacy Advantage

Did you know that the Fred Meyer Pharmacy can double as your fashion discount genie? You wish for it, and voila – with every consultation, Fred Meyer Pharmacy offers swell savings at Pick n Save that would put a Black Friday sale to shame.

From Big Lots to Better Lots: The Pick n Save Journey

It’s a tale out of an Anthology, really. Pick n Save’s journey went from being Big Lots to better lots. We hear you asking, “What was before pick n save?” and “Did Pick n Save turn into Big Lots?” To answer your queries in a playful manner, think of this transformation as a Butterfly’s metamorphosis – it went from being “Pic ‘N’ Save” under Consolidated Stores in 2002 to the Big Lots brand it’s today.

Craze #4 – Frys Marketplace Vouchers

From treasures hidden in Wonderland, we bring to you the secret of Frys Marketplace vouchers. Before you begin asking for a map, look no further than your shopping cart. With these vouchers, you can save a significant sum on your shopping spree at Pick n Save.


Is Pick n Save a Kroger Brand? Unraveling the Connections

Just as Johnny Depp and Tim Burton produce cinematic magic, Kroger and Pick n Save share a symbiotic partnership in the business world. Supermarket brand holder, The Kroger Co., serves as a patron for Pick n Save. Now, ain’t that a delightful trick From Alice’s Wonderland?

Craze #5 – Bring On United Refrigeration Deals

Who knew United Refrigeration could play Cupid and match you with a bounty of discounts at Pick n Save? Except this romance is not only good for your heart but for your wallet too!

Nostalgic Supermarket Banners: The Tale of Pick n Save

The roots of Pick n Save date back to the vibrant era of the late 1920s. Known formerly as Pic N’ Save Drugs and founded in Springfield in 1910, the store has evolved comfortably into the present day’s Pick n Save.

Craze #6 and #7 – Acquire Awesome Discounts with Kroger and Big Lots Brands

Are you ready for a twist at the end of this unpredictable shopping soiree? Just like the final twist of your favourite thriller, the tie-up between Kroger, Big Lots, and Pick n Save brings you discounts that redefine affordable shopping.


Unleashing the Final Shopping Surprise

The grand finale of your Pick n Save escapade brings all the secrets together in an astounding shopping revelation. Each secret is a surprise you discover in this edgy, offbeat fashion landscape.

The Ultimate Shopping Experience: Your Next Visit to Pick n Save

Next time you step into that Pick n Save store, embrace the creativity of Tim Burton, the audacity of Vivienne Westwood, and the joy of an unexpected bargain. Your journey into the looking glass of discounts awaits!


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