RH is Offering Charter Private Jets and Yachts

RH is Offering Charter Private Jets and Yachts

The brand, formerly Restoration Hardware (yes that Restoration Hardware), is taking a new approach in luxury with its venture into private jets or yachts for personal charter.

RH One is RH’s Gulfstream G650 private charter aircraft. It can seat twelve people, and its interior features RH’s luxury style. This private charter jet’s cabin is made from brushed European pale yellow oak. The lounge chairs are covered with charcoal linen, which is above the wool, cashmere and silk floor coverings. The champagne and phantom-gray exteriors surround the wood cabin.

Gary Friedman, RH CEO, said that aesthetically it was the most important thing to eliminate distracting elements. Friedman speaks out about design philosophy for private jets in an interview with Architectural Digest. “How can we design a cabin that is beautiful and simple but also quiet enough to allow us to unwind?”

Friedman’s question is full of purpose. RH executives will be flying the RH One in the interim between their travels. Friedman says that the luxury firm is also planning on future projects like a New York RH Guesthouse concept as well as a $105 million realty plan to build an Aspen community. It is also planning to open several galleries across Europe.

The RH three, a 127-foot expedition boat, was built by Turkish builder RMK Prime. Vincent Van Duysen, a Belgian architect, began renovating the yacht in 2016. Friedman made more recent changes. The RH One’s color scheme works well with it and includes wire-brushed Europan Oak, Carrara Marble, Italian leather and lacquer. There are three sunbathing spots, a sky lounge, a pool platform, an outdoor gym and a firepit.

The RH 3 can seat up to 8 people and will be available for charter in both the Caribbean and Mediterranean. RH’s booking portal the World of RH will make it possible to charter the RH One or RH Two-a Gulfstream G550 jet in the same way.

Friedman stated, “Nobody’s ever attempted the climb we are trying to climb…We do our best with people we love for those who love what it is.” Friedman is full of confidence and ambition, despite the fact that this statement may seem a bit long. A private jet and yacht are both visible, so it’s clear that there is a vision worth admiring.

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