Woman Sleek Purse

Sleek purses and larger totes dominate the accessory space.

You can’t get enough of your outfits! With the advent of over-the-shoulder storage, it’s time for you to upgrade your style.

In years past, you wouldn’t have found a man who wore a bag other than a carryout bag. Recent trends in streetwear include crossbodies, bumbags and crossbodies. Men felt more confident when they realized that seven different items were too many for their jeans. Women are not expected to see any major changes in their bag styles. You can accent your outfit by choosing a more refined design that is well-shaped and toned down. Women can go in the opposite direction, as fashion trends of the early 2000s allow for vibrant colors and maximum design.

In essence, men prefer function to style. The bumbag, which, let’s be honest, is a glorified “fanny pack”, has been a great way to store and shed some of that toxic masculinity associated with carrying something a little like a purse. It’s not really a problem. It’s 2022. People are becoming more spacious and larger. These more expensive tote bags made for men are available in many designs and sizes.

Handbags are something that ladies have mastered a million times over men. They are an accessory for them more than they are for you. A great purse can be found in dozens of styles and silhouettes. Nylon provides a huge selection of exceptional options. You have many options. From the elegant and powerful Mini Moon Bag from Staud to our signature Coach Jacquard Shoulder Bag there are many choices.

It is up to you how bold and bold you want to make it. It will depend on your outfit and the accessories that complement it. A purse that fits the style of a statement dress is a good choice. A simple black clutch is a good option, but it won’t take away from the outfit. A true outfit synergy is crucial as a top-to-bottom look can make a difference.

There is still room for improvement in men’s handbag preferences. There is much to improve on (and there aren’t nearly enough purse designs for men), but it is important that handbags become larger and more expressive. This will help move fashion-forward.

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