Something In The Way

Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” soars up the Billboard charts because of “The Batman.”

Is Nirvana popular in 2022? Who would have guessed? It’s not because Gen Zers continue to dress in band t-shirts. It’s because of the famous caped crusader. Matt Reeve’s The Batman features Nirvana’s “Something In the Way” multiple times throughout the film. The film’s success led to a 1200% rise in total streams within four days of its release.

This song is on the band’s best-known and most critically acclaimed album, “Nevermind”. It had 72,000 streams before the movie was released. The MRC reported that it rose to 1.2 Million streams in March.

It is a strong cut on Nevermind. This is interesting considering its prominent use in the film. It is a very dark story about homelessness. This contrasts with Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne who is one of Gotham’s most elite social figures. This song could offer a glimpse into Wayne’s mind, as it represents his Batman persona more while he searches the streets for criminals.

Pattinson’s Batman is only his second year as Dark Knight. It is clear that he is still not fully experienced as the World’s Greatest Detective. His ability to portray Bruce Wayne confidently is a crucial part of Batman’s role. Pattinson’s Batman doesn’t have these skills yet, but he makes an effort later in the movie. Empire was told by Reeves that the song had an effect on his portrayal of Bruce Wayne.

“…I thought that rather than making Bruce Wayne the playboy version, I should make another version of Bruce Wayne who has gone through great tragedy and is now a recluse. This is how I began to make the connection between Gus Van Sant’s Last Days and the idea that Kurt Cobain’s fictionalized version was in such a state of decay.

“Something in the Way”, a surprise choice for the film’s high profile, is not considered to be a standout track on the album. The hidden song ( Endless Nameless) is not counted. It is considered the last song on the album. It could be parallel to the Riddler who provides clues throughout the film to his next victim.

It seems that the film is perfectly in line with Reeves’ Batman directorial debut.

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