Spring Fashion

What Can We Expect in the Spring of 2022?

Fashion-forward has been a compliment, but this spring menswear is going all retro with varsity jackets and cardigans as well as flared trousers

Menswear is Going Retro

Fashion’s next season is all about textures and shapes. With a varsity jacket elevated and jeans relaxed, you can relive high school days. For a cold afternoon, pair long knitted or cotton cardigans with baggy trousers and sneakers. You can get your groove on at the end of the day by wearing a button-up shirt featuring a strong, pointed collar. The Cuban links and corduroy flared trousers are a must-have.

Fashion trends change in cycles, as everyone knows. Retro looks have been sweeping the globe for the past five to six years. The days of fitting everything into your body is long gone. Instead, both veteran and youth stylists are bringing back the trends that worked in the past. These Showtime Era Laker’s warmup sweaters, which the Lakers are sporting this season, are a great example.

If you don’t like this style, consider changing the season. The spring forecast calls for light, large-sized shirts. To show off your summer body, a sleeveless shirt is a good choice. Bermuda shorts are also back in fashion. Baggy pants, baggy shorts and baggy jeans are back like it was in the mid-2000s.

The beach trend is still in footwear. You don’t have to be wearing the same sneakers every day, but you can now show your style with stylish sandals. In 2020, ditch the slippers and mules.

Colors are a part and parcel of fashion. This season’s pastels or cameo colors are a good example of that. Vibrant pinks are a great way to show confidence. You can combine the two colors (plus other colors) to create a psychedelic rock look. Your outfit will look better if you include more neon colors.

Although it may sound like Back to the Future, these looks will make you feel right at home in the present. You can use any excuse to dress up this spring. It’s time for some fresh clothes since most of us have been wearing a lot of sweatpants this past year. These pieces will make you look smart and professional for any occasion. The paradox is your expert in menswear.

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