What Cigars do the Actors Smoke

What Cigars do the Actors Smoke?

Twisted Magazine and its followers are aware of one thing: celebrities are able to live their lives. Celebrities aren’t sloppy when it comes to enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Cigars are no exception. They’re more nuanced complex, sophisticated, and classier than cigarettes and marijuana. They also look cooler. Cigars are a symbol of the highest quality and performance, making them the ideal way to wind down a tiring day or celebrate a great achievement. We look at some of the most famous cigar-smoking celebrities to determine which cigars are their favorite.


Shawn “Jay-z” Carter has been among the most influential names in hip-hop history. While most consider the Brooklyn rapper as among the most influential, he has been criticised for not releasing any new music in recent times. He released his final album, “4:44”, in 2017 and “Everything is Love,” in 2018, with Beyonce as his co-producer. Instead, he’s adopted a more active approach to become one of the rap’s most famous business moguls. He was part of the Brooklyn Nets’ ownership at the time. He also created Roc Nation Music in 2008 and created Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency division.

It is logical that there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and relax with all business projects. Jay-Z has spoken out about his love of large Cuban cigars like Montecristos and Ramon Allones. Jay-Z also loves occasionally enjoying English Dunhill (RIP). He also has teamed up with Cohiba Cigars in the release of the collaboration cigar called Comador in 2013.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Governor is an iconic “man” of several things: bodybuilding, action movie celebrity, overall machismo and enjoying cigars in style. Schwarzenegger is a renowned cigar icon, as he took cover star status in Cigar Afioncado four times since the magazine’s first issue in 1992. In his first issue, he discussed what he likes and notes that Montecristo No. His first real cigar was the 2

He says that he used to smoke little Virginians while he was living in Munich working as a bodybuilder. He doesn’t seem to remember smoking cigarettes until 1977, when a woman called Maria [Shriver introduced me to the world of cigars.

He continues to smoke cigarettes each day. In his interview for 2019, Schwarzenegger claims that his taste has changed a little. Schwarzenegger favors lighter cigars and his current choice is the Partagas Serie D. 4. Schwarzenegger has also expanded his sphere to include Fuente Fuente OpusX of the Dominican Republic.

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey is among the leading actors in Hollywood. After establishing a name as a rom-com actor He has been able to break down the stereotype with performances in “True Detective,”” “Interstellar,” and “The Dallas Buyers Club” (for which he received the Best Actor Oscar). He has made his way into serious roles and has released a memoir “Greenlights” in 2020.

McConaughey is a better brand than he was before it was discovered that he could be in more dramatic movies. He has become the director of creative for Wild Turkey Bourbon since 2016 and has graced the front cover of Cigar Aficionado two times. In the interview he gave in 2018, McConaughey smoked large Maduro-wrapped cigars as he filmed Harmony Korine’s “The Beach Bum.” On set, the actor states that he smokes mainly on the golf course and prefers to smoke moderate-sized Romeo y Julieta cigars.

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