What Platform Rules The world?

What Platform Rules The World?

With Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter all moving towards being the superior social platform, what sets them from the rest?

Nowadays, we have tons of apps and media that keep us entertained. A single app can keep a person entertained for long hours. This is the goal of the app. The goal is to keep you on the platform. The longer you stay longer, the more revenues from ads and the more they can make. In 2021, TikTok had 656 million downloads across the globe which was more than Instagram and Facebook. They are clearly doing something right, with 66% of their 656 million users reportedly using the app for at least 10 hours a week using the app.

Every app is trying to create new features that could be detrimental to other apps. That’s partly why every app featured a Stories feature for a while (remember Snapchat). Twitter is totally embracing the crypto community and has eliminated Clubhouse by introducing its Spaces feature. Instagram puts its shopping section in the middle of its app in order to attract shoppers. They’ll continue to try new things and participate in this battle.

As tech giants and developers continue to set new standards in terms of what apps you use on your smartphone, you need to know the best app for your needs. Short-form videos are a favorite because of Vine (RIP) and have been revived with the help of its cousin TikTok. With TikTok’s widespread success, other platforms have made their entry into the space. Instagram includes Reels and Youtube offers Shorts, which creators simply copy and paste from their TikToks to reduce their work and increase views (and ultimately, revenues).

Each platform has the option of chat or direct messaging feature, but not all platforms are the same. Even though Facebook’s downloads remain well, they have changed their chat to be an entirely separate app, called Messenger, which seems redundant. Instagram’s chat (which is owned by Facebook), is still accessible via the same app. It gives users more sharing options and media options. Having your features streamlined and simple makes for a better customer experience.

What it boils down to is what you really value in your entertainment. Reddit and Twitter are excellent options for people who regularly read or stay current with information. Instagram and Facebook are fantastic places to interact with others by posting comments. There’s something for every person. With all the apps competing to grab your attention nowadays, it is best to select the app that will entertain you the most and allows you to get the most meaningful social interactions.

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