When on Vacation, Eating Scorpions

When on Vacation, Eating Scorpions

You could save your life by eating Scorpions while on vacation…

Do you ever wish to travel to exotic locations and eat strange snacks that could be alive. You are not the only one who has ever considered scorpions. This is all you need to know about scorpions while on vacation.

What are Scorpions?

These predatory arachnids have been around for 435 million years and are known as creepy crawlies. These savage suckers are identified by their eight legs and two pincers. They also have a spikey tail with a stinger. Over 2,500 species have been described. They live mostly in deserts but can adapt to many environmental conditions.

Where can I find Scorpions?

You might find yourself wandering the streets drunk looking for a cheeseburger. But be careful… Grabbing wild scorpions from the ground and stuffing them in your face is not a good idea. These 8-legged beasts should only be eaten or cooked by a local vendor who has been selling them for years.

Most scorpions are consumed in West Africa and East Asia. Typically, fried scorpions are eaten in China. These little devils are also popular in Thailand, but mainly you’ll find grasshoppers.

The short answer is that you can simply wander the streets and find vendors in almost all countries.

How are they prepared?

There are many ways to cook and eat scorpions. You may have had scorpions roasted, fried, grilled or even eaten alive. If you do decide to eat them alive, you may want to remove their stinger. You can also cook them so that the stinger effects won’t be able to harm you. The heat does something magically to the venom so it won’t hurt.

How do they taste?

Butter, garlic..salt. You are probably dying to find out what they taste like. We won’t spoil the surprise… but are we? They can taste like many things, but it all comes down to how they were prepared. Some people say beef jerky. Some people have used soft shell crab… others have eaten it with cantaloupe and watermelon.

What are you going to do?

You must be careful that scorpions don’t attack you while they are still alive. You should not try to make them sing songs. This could cause them to agitate. Just kidding.

You can do anything as long as they’re not alive and the pinchers are removed. If you want them to taste great, we recommend grilling or frying them. Garlic makes everything taste better.


Don’t let us stop you. You can go on your dream vacation, and if you find the right vendor selling arachnids that have 8 legs (that aren’t spiders), then it is possible to get them. Give it a try. It’s great to brag to your friends about your wild adventure and how delicious it was.

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