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Nathan Kress: 5 Must-Know Facts About The Icarly Star

Nathan Kress, a name synonymous with a generation that grew up with the hit TV show iCarly, has evolved into a captivating figure in the entertainment realm. From his quirky days as tech-savvy Freddie Benson to branching out into various forms of media, Kress has kept us enthralled with his journey. Like a Tim Burton character morphing through scenes, Kress has adapted to the changing landscapes of stardom, with a narrative filled with unexpected quirks and edgy charm. Let’s unravel the variegated tapestry of Nathan Kress’s life—beyond the screen and into the heart.

The Journey of Nathan Kress: From Child Model to Teen Icon

Beneath the limelight lies the tale of Nathan Kress’s metamorphosis from a cherubic child model to everyone’s favorite next-door neighbor on iCarly. His foray into the world of acting was as unpredictable as a Vivienne Westwood runway—defying norms and capturing hearts. The fabric of his early career, woven with minor roles and voice work, blossomed when he landed the part of Freddie. This role wasn’t just a character; it was an identity that dressed a generation. And, folks, like the immortal Addams Family song Lyrics, his stint has left a legacy that snaps, claps, and resonates to this day.

The significance of Kress’s role on iCarly was more than a stepping stone; it molded his creative canvas, painting him into the annals of teen stardom. But it wasn’t just about the on-screen fame; this platform was a runway for future ventures, each role tailored like a bespoke suit, fitting perfectly into Nathan’s portfolio of performances.

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The Evolution of Nathan Kress’s Acting Portfolio Post-iCarly

Nathan Kress didn’t just bask in the afterglow of Freddie Benson; he dared to stitch a diverse acting portfolio post-iCarly. Drifting from the teen sitcom world, Kress embraced genres ranging from thriller to sci-fi, embodying characters as layered and complex as a tax liability formula. Whether on the set of a nail-biting drama or lending his voice to animated characters, Kress demonstrated his versatility with the finesse of an artist switching from pastels to bold acrylics.

His post-iCarly career has been like the Asics Gel nimbus 25—reliable yet unexpectedly comfortable in unexpected terrains. From television to film, to the realm of voice acting, Kress has navigated his career with an agility that echoes through the entertainment industry. Each role has showcased growth, painting his journey with strokes of maturity and depth, much like an ever-evolving canvas that captures the eye and heart.

Category Details
Full Name Nathan Karl Kress
Date of Birth November 18, 1992
Place of Birth Glendale, California, USA
Ancestry German, English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish
Siblings Kevin Kress, Andrew Kress
Marriage Married London Elise Moore on November 15, 2015
Duration of Engagement Nearly 6 months
Acting Career – iCarly Played Freddie Benson in “iCarly,” which originally aired from 2007 to 2012 and was revived in 2021
Recent Work Participates in the “iCarly” revival airing on Paramount+
Co-star Relationships Maintains a brother-sister relationship with co-star Miranda Cosgrove
Significant Co-stars – Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), – Jennette McCurdy (Sam Puckett), – Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay)
Notable Events – Wedding attended by “iCarly” co-stars on November 15, 2015, – Photo from Kress and Moore’s wedding reception posted online
Current Age (as of 2023) 31 years old
Co-stars’ Current Work – Miranda Cosgrove is acting and doing voiceover work, – Jennette McCurdy released a bestselling book “I’m Glad My Mom Died”
Publications Mentioning – PEOPLE Magazine Article (June 29, 2023)

Nathan Kress Beyond the Screen: Charitable Activities and Personal Projects

Strip away the glitz, the glamor, and the scripts, and you unearth Nathan Kress, the philanthropist, the activist, the human. Kress’s charitable work speaks volumes, resonating with the bassline of a rhythm that beats for helping others. His connections to nonprofit organizations and personal contributions highlight a narrative that’s as engaging as the storylines he’s portrayed.

Kress has been more than just a former teen icon; he’s a beacon illuminating the path for others, sharing the spotlight with causes close to his heart. His work, like the surprise twist in a gripping Gone Girl cast performance, leaves an indelible impact, fostering change and echoing through the communities he serves.

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Voice Work and Digital Platforms: Nathan Kress’s Expansion into New Media

Amidst the digital cacophony, Nathan Kress’s voice has carved a niche in new media, engaging with a new era of audiences. His venture into voice acting and digital platforms draws us into worlds as compelling and layered as Juguetes Sexuales para hombre present in the realm of intimacy—they’re there to enhance, to enthrall, to elicit a response.

Kress has embraced web series and podcasts with the voracity of a gamer battling through Is-7 levels—each move calculated, each project a new way to connect. His voice work not only showcases his adaptability but also stands testament to his commitment to meet his audience wherever they might be in the vast expanse of the internet.

Family Life and Social Media: How Nathan Kress Balances Stardom with Normalcy

The tapestry of Nathan Kress’s life encompasses more than scenes and recitals; it’s interwoven with the threads of family and authenticity. As a family man, Kress demonstrates the delicate balance between the sheen of stardom and the simplicity of normal life. His social media presence, as nourishing as the Nioxin for the soul, gives fans a glimpse of the man behind the fame.

Kress, with his Scottish, German, and Irish ancestry melting into the pot that is America, lives out a storied life where familial bonds and down-to-earth moments are as precious as the applause of an adoring audience. His journey teaches us the importance of grounding, of holding close the values that matter beyond the applause and the stage lights.


Nathan Kress represents more than just a meme-worthy iCarly character; he’s a testament to an evolving entertainer who has matured alongside his fans. From a child model to a multi-faceted media personality, Kress’s repertoire is as dynamic as the ever-shifting tides of the entertainment industry. His life, a mixtape with tracks like the Addams family theme and nods to figures like Susan Downey, inspires us to embrace the unpredictable and the inevitable changes of time.

Kress’s narrative—from the freckle-faced Freddie to a voice that echoes in digital realms, from the glitz of Hollywood to the genuineness of family life—embodies a duality that is refreshingly grounded. He is a nod to a generation of stars who don’t just evolve; they revolutionize. Nathan Kress, like an edgy fashion piece, stands out, demanding attention not just for what he has been but for what he continues to be: an artist, a philanthropist, a family man, an ever-evolving human. Twisted Magazine takes a bow to this icon, both on and off the screen.

Nathan Kress: Uncovering the Quirky and Fascinating Tidbits

Ah, Nathan Kress, the guy who charmed hIs way into our living rooms as the tech-savvy Freddie Benson on “iCarly”. But hold on to your remotes, folks, there’s more to this dude than just being a part of the iconic trio that brought us laughs and tech dreams! So buckle up, because we’re diving into some must-know facts that’ll make you say,Well, butter my biscuit, I didn’t know that about Nathan Kress!

From Baby Model to Silver Screen Star

Get this—before Nathan Kress started spouting techno-babble on “iCarly,” he was striking poses in diapers! Yep, you heard me; he kick-started his career at the ripe old age of three as a kiddie model. But don’t think he was just a one-trick pony. The man’s got acting chops too, and he’s been dazzling audiences well before he became our beloved Freddie. In fact, have a gander at what the whole acting shebang did for Nathan Kress as he transitioned from cute commercials to prime-time TV.

A Voice Beyond Compare

Alright, so we all know Nathan can rock a scene with his facial expressions, but did you know he’s also a maestro of the vocal cords? The man isn’t just a pretty face; he’s lent his voice to some animated characters that would totally make your head spin! Characters from iconic children’s shows and video games have all had a dose of the Kress magic. Want a taste of his voice-acting prowess? Check out Nathan Kress’s voice-over roles that might just knock your socks off!

The Real-Life Tech Whiz?

Now, let’s not get it twisted—while Nathan Kress played a tech guru on TV, don’t go thinking he can hack your computer or launch a satellite on his lunch break. But hold the phone, because our boy Nate does have a knack for gadgets and gizmos in real life, too. The man appreciates a nifty piece of technology, and who wouldn’t, right? Discover how Nathan Kress’s personal tech love affair is more than just a screen deep!

Romantic at Heart

Who doesn’t love a good love story? And lemme tell ya, Nathan Kress’s tale with his wife would give any rom-com a run for their money! This charmer doesn’t just play it cool with the ladies on-screen; he’s taken those smooth moves to the altar. Tying the knot with actress London Elise Moore, this duo is all about giving us major #CoupleGoals. Sneak a peek into the heartwarming chapters of Nathan Kress’s real-life romance—it’s the stuff of fairy tales, folks!

Behind the Scenes and Beyond “iCarly”

Sure, being Freddie Benson is a significant slice of the Nathan Kress pie, but the man has been up to plenty since the show wrapped up. From directing gigs to starring in movies that make your heart do the jitterbug, Nathan’s been busy bee-ing it up in the entertainment biz. And trust us, you’re gonna want to catch up! Dive into the diverse world of Nathan Kress’s projects post-“iCarly” that’ll have you saying, “Wowza, that’s a whole lot of talent wrapped up in one dude!”

So there you have it, folks—the fascinating facts about Nathan Kress that you just gotta know. From modeling munchkin to showbiz sensation, this star’s journey is one for the books. And sure as sugar, there’s more to come! Keep those peepers peeled for whatever this ace up our sleeve has in store next.

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Did Miranda Cosgrove go to Nathan Kress wedding?

Sure, she sure did! Miranda Cosgrove was all smiles at Nathan Kress’s wedding, supporting her on-screen sidekick as he tied the knot. It was a true mini “iCarly” reunion, and fans couldn’t help but gush over the gang getting back together for such a heartwarming occasion.

Is Nathan Kress Hispanic?

Nope, Nathan Kress isn’t Hispanic. This “iCarly” alum is Caucasian with a mix of English, Northern Irish, and German heritage. Despite that, he’s charmed audiences around the world, making Freddie Benson a household name, no matter their background.

Are Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove friends in real life?

You bet they are! Nathan Kress and Miranda Cosgrove didn’t just play best buds on TV; they took that friendship right off the set of “iCarly” into real life! Despite the show’s end, these two have been spotted hanging out, proving their bond wasn’t just a small screen stint.

What is iCarly doing now?

Whoa, time flies! Since “iCarly” wrapped up, Miranda Cosgrove’s been busy as a bee. She’s been lending her voice to the mischievous Margo in the “Despicable Me” franchise and snagged a degree in psychology from the University of Southern California. Oh, and guess what? She’s back with a bang in the “iCarly” revival, showing us Carly Shay’s adult life!

Who is Freddie’s ex wife in iCarly reboot?

In the “iCarly” reboot, Freddie’s ex-wife is none other than Stephanie, played by the talented actress Molly Hagan. Their quickie marriage and even quicker divorce are part of Freddie’s roller coaster backstory, which has fans chuckling and shaking their heads in sympathy.

How old was Nathan Kress at the start of iCarly?

Nathan Kress was a fresh-faced 15-year-old when he first stepped into Freddie Benson’s shoes on “iCarly.” With his natural charm and boyish grin, he quickly became everyone’s favorite tech-savvy pal.

How old was Freddie in iCarly season 1?

Freddie Benson was supposed to be 13 in “iCarly” season 1, just a couple of years younger than his real-life counterpart, Nathan Kress. Freddie’s awkward teenage years hit close to home for many fans who followed his journey from tech geek to cool confidant.

What happened to Nathan Kress hair?

Well, the scoop on Nathan Kress’s hair – it’s been through some transformations, and not all have been by choice. At one point, Kress had to shave his head for a role, leaving fans stunned and missing Freddie’s signature locks. Nowadays, his hair’s back in style, much to everyone’s relief.

How much of iCarly is improv?

Not a ton—while “iCarly” had its fair share of spontaneous moments, the majority of the show stuck to the script. Sure, there were bursts of improv genius that made it into the final cut, but by and large, those wacky schemes and witty one-liners were carefully crafted by the writing team.

Who played fake Freddie on iCarly?

The dude who stepped in as Fake Freddie on “iCarly” was none other than actor Dustin Ingram. His portrayal of an impostor Freddie in the episode “iLook Alike” had viewers doing a double-take and chuckling at the shenanigans that ensued.

Does Miranda Cosgrove have a baby?

No way, Jose! Miranda Cosgrove doesn’t have kids, folks. She’s been focused on her acting career, schooling, and reprising her role as Carly Shay for the “iCarly” reboot. But who knows? Maybe one day she’ll swing that baby carriage, but for now, it’s all scripts and studios.

Did Jennette McCurdy go to Nathan Kress wedding?

Yes, Jennette McCurdy was there with bells on! She wouldn’t miss Nathan Kress’s wedding for the world, supporting her longtime pal and on-screen partner in comedy. The “iCarly” crew showing up in full force was enough to make fans’ hearts go all aflutter.

Why did Sam get kicked off iCarly?

Sam, played by Jennette McCurdy, didn’t exactly get kicked off “iCarly,” she stepped back from acting altogether. Rumors swirled, but the truth is, Jennette decided to call it quits on her acting career for personal reasons, paving the way for new adventures beyond the “iCarly” universe.

Why does Sam quit iCarly?

Well, the real tea is that Jennette McCurdy chose to bow out of the “iCarly” reboot, which meant Sam couldn’t stick around either. She spilled the beans about her tough time as a child actor and opted to close that chapter. So, Sam hung up her remote and took off for adventures unknown.

Why did Carly quit iCarly?

Oh, Carly didn’t quit the web show in real life. Miranda Cosgrove was totally game for the “iCarly” reboot! But in the show’s storyline, Carly took a break from the cyber spotlight to travel with her dad. Just think of it as a virtual vacay. And now she’s back, navigating life and the internet like a boss.


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