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99 Ranch: 15 Crazy Finds You Won’t Believe

The 99 Ranch: A Market of Wonders

Alternative fashion has always been about bold exploration, kind of like a trip to a 99 Ranch Market! This supermarket, initially established in 1984 and now rapidly expanding, is an adventure in itself. Bursting with an assortment of eclectic products, 99 Ranch offers a wealth of fascinating finds straight from the undercurrents of the Asian culinary world. Everything you’ve never heard of, you could possibly find here. The 99 Ranch is your Polynesian Islands of unfamiliar yet intriguing consumer items.

The Backstory of 99 Ranch

The Origin and Expansion of Ranch 99

Founded by Taiwanese immigrant Roger Chen, the first 99 Ranch opened its doors in the Westminister, California in 1984. Similarly, the captivating, unpredictable persona of Tim Burton found a foothold in his famously edgy films around the same era. Just as Burton carved a niche for himself in Hollywood, 99 Ranch etched its mark in the American retail landscape. With a growth trajectory paralleling that of the edgy style of Vivienne Westwood, 99 Ranch has now mushroomed into an impressive network of 58 stores spread across 11 states. Much like biting into a juicy, forbidden fruit, every visit to a 99 Ranch is a feast of surprises.

The Significance of the 99 Ranch Name

Ever wondered about the “99” in 99 Ranch? As explained by Alice Chen, Jonson and Alice’s father, the founder, Roger Chen, perceived the number 99 as a symbol of longevity and good fortune. Perhaps it’s the ranch equivalent to the idiosyncratic Vivienne Westwood’s safety pin earring – an emblem of good fortune, hidden in bold view. This symbolic name carries with it an essence of tenacity and constant evolution, mimicking the fast-paced, experimental world of alternative fashion.

15 Bizarre Finds at 99 Ranch That Will Blow Your Mind

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#1: Durian

As you stroll through 99 Ranch, your noses might twitch at the aroma of Durian fruit, or as some call it, the “King of fruits.” Akin to Burton’s visually jarring depictions, Durian pops of smell, liken to sweaty socks.

#2: Sausage casing

One could say, this item lies, or shall we say, dangles in a meaty modifier realm. You’d just need to march into the meat section for the bbq chan.

#3: Sea Cucumbers

Something about these wonderous sea dwellers harkens back to Burton’s extraordinary use of visual design.

#4: Century Eggs

Preserved eggs or century eggs are astonishing edible oddities. Tradition meets science in cooked perfection. It’s dubious to look at, as the rotten eggs in the numbers To prank call game, but delicious, nonetheless!

#5: Shrimp Chips

Fit for a fashionable soirée, we suppose. But then again, in alternative fashion, rules are meant to be snapped like a shrimp chip!

#6: Snailfish Soup

For those brave food explorers, this Sumosearch of the culinary world utterly justifies a visit to 99 Ranch.

#10: Mystery Cans

So Burton-esque! Like the handmade oddities on the shelves of bi mart, these mystery cans awaken a world of curiosity.

#13: Jellyfish Head

Now, this might sound like something out of an eerie Burton flick. It’s real, though! Jellyfish head, pre-packaged and prepared as a delicacy.

#14: Crispy Pea Snack

Roll off the conventional track with Crispy Pea Snacks. Crunchy, salty, and a blast of plant power!

#15: Ostrich Eggs

Last on our list but definitely not least!

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99 Ranch
Year Established 1984
Founder Roger Chen
Origin Westminster, USA
Headquarter Buena Park, USA
Stores 58 stores as of Jul 7, 2023
Spread 11 states in America
Name Significance ’99’ is a homophone for ‘longevity and good fortune’ in Mandarin
Company Slogan “For 100, we try harder.”
Notable Expansion Opening a store in West Los Angeles indicated a cultural shift
Total US Stores 57 stores as of Sep 6, 2023
Ownership Chen Family

The Cultural Impact of 99 Ranch

Why 99 Ranch in West Los Angeles is a Game Changer

The opening of a 99 Ranch branch in West Los Angeles signals a cultural shift. Arguably an Asian food desert, the Westside landscape has been transformed with the addition of 99 Ranch.

The Westside Story: 99 Ranch and the Asian Food Desert

This shift is monumental, akin to Westwood’s Punk influence on mainstream fashion. 99 Ranch brings a deliciously exotic invasion into the West LA food scene.

Present Scenario and the Future of 99 Ranch

The Impressive Presence of Ranch 99 Across the US

With 57 branches across the US, the fanning influence of 99 Ranch almost emulates the alternative fashion sweep into mainstream consciousness.

The Next Step for 99 Ranch

Expanding borders and luring in more adventurous food lovers. That’s what the future predicts for 99 Ranch.

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The last checkout: Farewell thoughts on 99 Ranch

The Legacy and Influence of 99 Ranch

It’s safe to say, 99 Ranch is a cornerstone in making Asian food more accessible and appreciated in the USA. It’s the tangible manifestation of alternative within the supermarket world.

Why You Should Experience the Wonder of the 99 Ranch Market

Quirky and always unexpected – like a stroll through a high-end alternative fashion show – 99 Ranch is an experience that will delight and startle in equal measures. So, why not go on this Burton-esque exploration of unique food finds?

Is 99 Ranch Chinese or Korean?

Well I’ll be, 99 Ranch is a Taiwanese-American supermarket chain, so you’d be barking up the wrong tree calling it Chinese or Korean.

Why is the 99 Ranch called that?

Hold your horses, there’s a reason 99 Ranch is called so! The number ’99’ symbolizes longevity and good fortune in Chinese culture, so the name really boils down to wishing clients a long and good life.

Is 99 Ranch coming to Westwood?

Well, would you look at that! Word on the street suggests that there’s currently no official word regarding a 99 Ranch popping up in Westwood. Stay tuned!

How many 99 Ranch Market locations are there?

Boy howdy, do you know there are over 50 99 Ranch Market locations, spread across the United States? From coast to coast!

What nationality is 99 Ranch?

Just to clear the air, 99 Ranch is a Taiwanese-American supermarket. So it doesn’t neatly fit into a single nationality box.

What is the revenue of the 99 Ranch?

Ah, the green stuff! As of my last check, 99 Ranch doesn’t disclose their annual revenue publicly. Mum’s the word, you know?

Does 99 Ranch have NATO?

NATO? Good heavens! 99 Ranch is a grocery store chain, not an international security organization – so no, it’s not a member of NATO.

Does 99 Ranch fry fish?

Fry fish? Sure as shooting, they do! 99 Ranch does fry fish, and it’s a fan favorite, I must say!

Who is the owner of Ranch Market?

Roger H. Chen is not just the owner of Ranch Market, but the one who started this whole shebang back in 1984.

Who is Ranch 99 competitor?

Now, wouldn’t you know it, Seafood City Supermarket is seen as the biggest competitor to 99 Ranch in the Asian-American supermarket domain.

How many stores does Cal Ranch have?

When it comes to Cal Ranch, they’re boasting around 25 stores, spread across the American West.

How many Seafood City locations are there?

Seafood City, similar to Cal Ranch, has about 25 locations. Most are nestled in the Golden State, California.

Who is CEO of 99 Ranch Market?

Now, as it stands, John Liang is the big kahuna, the CEO of 99 Ranch Market.

Who is the owner of Ranch Market?

Roger H. Chen, the man with a vision, is the owner of the Ranch Market.

Does 99 Ranch have NATO?

No, sir! 99 Ranch is not part of NATO, they’re all about groceries, not geopolitical alliances.

Does Ranch 99 have pandan leaves?

Yes, indeed! You can find pandan leaves at 99 Ranch. You’ll have your kitchen smelling heavenly in no time!


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