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Benjamin Moore’s Top 10 Best Color Trends for 2024

If you crave a radical change to your living space with the purest strokes of color, then you are in the right place! Step away from the grey mundane, and escape into a dreamland of Benjamin Moore’s magnificent hues. Today, we unearth the ten daring colors Benjamin Moore is shocking the world with in 2024. Prepare to be astonished!

Discover Benjamin Moore’s Most Electric Color Trends for 2024

It’s time to introduce a bit of mayhem into your interior space, not horror movie mayhem, but eccentric splashes of colors that speak louder than words. Ranging from the outrageously bold to the elegantly subdued, these shades promise to transform any space with understated panache or audacious vibrancy.

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2024

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin-Williams: A Quality Standoff

Exploring Quality Differences

When it comes to a standoff in paint quality, the smoke clears to reveal Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams in the spotlight. Think of it as F. Murray abraham( and Dustin Hoffman in a wrestling ring, each admirable in their terms, yet offering a unique bout.

Both manufacturers, grappling with multiple lines of interior and exterior paint like Cashmere, Emerald, and Duration, offer top-tier products. Yet, Benjamin Moore potentially scores an upper cut, having an edge over the sheer premium feel and commodious application it offers to its customers.

Price of Quality

Prepare for reality to strike! Fine quality doesn’t come cheap. Benjamin Moore paints come with a slightly steeper price tag compared to Sherwin Williams house paint. Eigengrau is out, folks! Remember, good investment in quality paints like Benjamin Moore enhances longevity, thereby adding value to your property in the long run.

Product lines available

Benjamin Moore paints own exclusive positions on the shelves of specialized retailers—making them the Duluth Trading( of the paint world. No finding them at your neighborhood Walmart or Target. Conversely, Sherwin-Williams offers a broader retail presence.

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Feature Benjamin Moore
Quality Higher Quality compared to competitors like Sherwin-Williams
Price Slightly more expensive due to superior quality
Retail Availability Exclusively sold at paint, decorating and hardware retailers
Durability High, though slightly less than Sherwin Williams
Hiding Power Good, but somewhat less than Sherwin Williams
Ideal use More suited for residential use due to luxurious feel
Application Easier to apply compared to other brands
Washability More washable than other brands
Lasting duration Finishes last longer
Product lines Multiple lines of interior and exterior paint, such as Cashmere
Global Presence Sold in the U.S., Canada and globally
Preferred by professionals Yes, especially by companies committed to quality finishes

Why Benjamin Moore Paints are a Niche Market

Exclusive at specialized retailers

You won’t find our exclusive Benjamin Moore paints at large chains like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Benjamin Moore sticks to a longstanding commitment to selling their paints and stains exclusively at paint, decorating, and hardware retailers across the U.S., Canada, and globally. Think of it as the Wayback Burgers( effect – exclusive, qualitative, unnoticed by the untrained eye, but a treasure trove to connoisseurs!

Premium feel and application

Winner, winner, steak dinner! Much like ordering from the Longhorn Steakhouse menu( roping in Benjamin Moore paints ensures a premium experience at every stroke. Setting them apart is the luxurious feel, a characteristic that sits very well for residential use. Easy application procedures take the cake, preventing you from breaking a sweat while painting those walls.

Breakdown of the Top 10 Benjamin Moore Color Trends

Now, let’s blast open the Pandora’s box of the top 10 Benjamin Moore 2024 color trends – one hue at a time!

  1. Bold and Unapologetic: Much like the Best Wired Headphones( the #1 color trend makes a statement, leaving a lasting impression on the mind, heart, and soul.

  2. Elegantly Subdued: The 2nd color trend reminds us of the delicate flavors from the Chipotle Menu( It’s subtle but extremely pleasing, giving your room an exquisite charm.

  3. Modern Edge: With an uber-cool, futuristic flair, the 3rd color trend is every minimalist’s dream come true.

  4. Natural Affinity: Bringing the outside in is the motto! Nature-inspired colors that bring tranquility and peace to your space are a top trend in 2024.

  5. Futuristic Glow: It’s a leap into what lies ahead for those brave enough to dream and ideal for creating a space that screams in rhythm with time.

  6. Classical Luxury: Rendering a classy and luxurious ambiance, this trend enriches foyers, living rooms, and master bedrooms.

  7. Eclectic Mix: Spice up your interiors with this trend. It’s fun, spunky, and perfect for creating striking accents.

  8. Nostalgic Nuance: A retro feel invoking an inviting warmth and comfort, much akin to the Daily Kos( high familial warmth.

  9. Playful Pop: Perfect for kids’ rooms, game areas, or anywhere you need a pop of energy!

  10. Raw Industrial: A palette for the raw and rustic lovers offering shades that express raw emotions.

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    Pairing Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Color Trends with Home Décor Styles

    Matching trends with decoration themes

    From pairing Bold and Unapologetic with modern decor to teaming up Natural Affinity with rustic and traditional interiors, these trends can be effectively matched with various home décor styles.

    Suggested color duo/trio combinations

    Try pairing Playful Pop with Modern Edge for a dramatic contrast or match Raw Industrial with Classical Luxury for an unexpected yet effective combination.

    Image 5290

    Why Paint Experts Favor Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams

    High-quality finishes

    Emphasizing once again, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, owing to their high-quality finishes, appeal to paint experts. Think premium, think longevity!

    Durability and hiding power

    Moving a step further than usual brands, Sherwin Williams’ durable products with exceptional hiding power make them ideal for high-traffic areas.

    Ease of Application

    Paint experts also favor these brands for the ease of application – an understated factor, but one that promises consumers a hassle-free painting experience.

    Reflecting on Benjamin Moore’s 2024 Palette: A Glimpse into The Future of Interior Decor

    Lasting impressions

    These trends are setting the tone for a future where people are open to experimenting with bold, bright colors, defying the erstwhile norms.

    What’s next for Benjamin Moore

    The future is radiant and filled with color. Look out for further trends that push boundaries and make the home a unique extension of personal expression.

    An Unexpected Journey

    Today, we journeyed through a kaleidoscope of colors, akin to venturing through a Tim Burton film set, as we unveiled the Benjamin Moore color trends for 2024. Friends, it’s time to unchain your creativity, color your world with these astounding shades and give your interiors a dose of the ëlan it deserves! Keep your eyes peeled on Benjamin Moore, because folks, they have just begun!

    Why is Benjamin Moore paint so expensive?

    Why is Benjamin Moore paint so expensive?
    Well, you know what they say, “you get what you pay for.” Benjamin Moore paint has a higher price tag because it’s loaded with primo features. It offers excellent coverage and durability, an expansive rainbow of colors, and environmental friendliness (a big tick for Mother Earth!), to name a few. It’s like the Rolls Royce of paints, folks!

    Is Benjamin Moore at Home Depot or Lowes?

    Is Benjamin Moore at Home Depot or Lowes?
    Ah, good question! We’ve done some digging and here you have it – you won’t find Benjamin Moore paint at Home Depot or Lowes. It’s actually sold through independent retailers who are well versed in all things paint-related to give you top-notch advice.

    What’s the difference between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore?

    What’s the difference between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore?
    Sherlock Holmes would have a field day with this one! Both are top-notch paint brands, but there are subtle differences. Sherwin Williams tends to be cheaper whereas Benjamin Moore excels in richness, durability, and color variety.

    Why do painters prefer Benjamin Moore paint?

    Why do painters prefer Benjamin Moore paint?
    Oh boy, where do we start? Painters rave about Benjamin Moore’s top-tier quality, its remarkable consistency, and its knockout range of colors. These traits make their job so much easier and the end result, simply stunning!

    What are the disadvantages of Benjamin Moore paint?

    What are the disadvantages of Benjamin Moore paint?
    Well now, not everything can be sunshine and roses all the time, right? The major drawback is Benjamin Moore’s hefty price tag. Additionally, it’s availability is limited to independent retailers and Benjamin Moore stores.

    Is Benjamin Moore really worth it?

    Is Benjamin Moore really worth it?
    Well, in short – yes! We’ve discovered that the premium quality, durability, and rich color palette of Benjamin Moore paint often justify its higher price, making it a favorite for those who want a stellar, long-lasting finish.

    Which is cheaper Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?

    Which is cheaper Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?
    Well, let’s cut to the chase – Sherwin Williams typically comes in as the more budget-friendly option. However, it’s always a good idea to check for any discounts or deals at your local retailer.

    How long does Benjamin Moore paint last?

    How long does Benjamin Moore paint last?
    Strap in because you’re gonna love this. With proper storage and maintenance, an unopened can of Benjamin Moore paint can last virtually indefinitely! Once it’s on the wall, depending on exposure to light and heat, it can look fresh for years!

    Can Sherwin Williams match Benjamin Moore?

    Can Sherwin Williams match Benjamin Moore?
    Without beating around the bush, yes they can! It’s possible for Sherwin Williams to match Benjamin Moore colors using their high-tech color matching system.

    What Sherwin-Williams paint does Joanna Gaines use?

    What Sherwin-Williams paint does Joanna Gaines use?
    Joanna Gaines, the queen of home renovation, swears by Sherwin-Williams’ “Alabaster” for a bright, clean, and inviting look. And hey, if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us!

    Why do painters use Sherwin-Williams?

    Why do painters use Sherwin-Williams?
    Painters appreciate the affordable pricing, the handy locations, and the professional-grade quality that Sherwin-Williams offers. Plus, they’ve got a reputation for great customer service alongside a pretty nifty color selection.

    Which brand of Benjamin Moore paint is best?

    Which brand of Benjamin Moore paint is best?
    Well, if we were to put all our money on one, it’d be Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select. It’s hailed for its stellar performance, smooth application, and exceptional durability.

    Why do painters only wear white?

    Why do painters only wear white?
    This one always strikes folks as peculiar. It’s mostly tradition; painters have worn white since the 19th century because whitewash was the most common paint then. Plus, white’s a symbol of cleanliness and a canvas for creativity.

    Where does Benjamin Moore paint rank?

    Where does Benjamin Moore paint rank?
    Hang onto your hats, folks. Benjamin Moore consistently ranks near the top, when it comes to paint brands. Known for its superior quality and stellar color selection, it’s a fan fave among both professionals and DIYers.

    Which is more expensive Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams?

    Which is more expensive Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams?
    Stretching your dollar is always important. Generally speaking, Benjamin Moore tends to be more expensive than Sherwin-Williams but keep in mind, prices can vary depending on the specific product and location.

    What is so special about Benjamin Moore paint?

    What is so special about Benjamin Moore paint?
    All right, ready for the lowdown? The rave about Benjamin Moore revolves around its incredible quality, remarkable durability, and the bah-zillion color options. Plus, this brand is constantly innovating, coming up with new formulas and improvements.

    Is Benjamin Moore paint more expensive than other brands?

    Is Benjamin Moore paint more expensive than other brands?
    The short answer is yes. Benjamin Moore often checks out pricier compared to many other paint brands. That said, you’re paying for premium quality – think high durability, excellent coverage, and a super-wide range of color options.

    What is the average price of a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint?

    What is the average price of a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint?
    “Money makes the world go round,” as they say. You can expect to shell out anywhere between $50 to $75 for a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint, depending on the specific line.

    Which is cheaper Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?

    Which is cheaper Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore?
    Here’s the skinny- while prices can vary based on the type of paint and the location, generally, Sherwin-Williams typically comes in cheaper than Benjamin Moore. Always worth doing a bit of homework ahead of time!


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