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Duluth Trading Co: The King of Rugged Wear

The Foundation of Duluth Trading Co

The story of Duluth Trading Co begins as brilliantly as an Edgar Allen Poe poem, spiced with an element of unpredictability akin to a Tim Burton masterpiece. Born in 1989, it emerged out of the two brothers’ Bob and Dave Fierek’s imaginative genius– inventing a better tool organizer named ‘Bucket Boss’. As riveting as it may sound, the duo sold their creations straight from their car’s boot– an astonishingly humble beginning duluth trading co.

Duluth Trading Co began transforming the landscape of work apparel through its unique innovations, much like Tim Burton’s eccentric, yet endearing, characters. The game-changing invention was the introduction of the Longtail T-Shirt, designed to combat the infamous ‘plumber’s butt’ dilemma, adding a touch of edgy humor to their brand identity. This inventive spirit has permeated their vast range of products, including the Fire Hose Work Pants known for their durability and the Ballroom Jeans offering unprecedented crotch comfort.

The journey of Duluth Trading Co from local to national love is as inspiring as a Vivienne Westwood fashion show– with an aura of non-conformity that’s both impressive and enthralling. The company grew, and in 2000, found a new steward in Steve Schlecht, a visionary who amplified Duluth Trading Co’s uniqueness, moving its headquarters to Belleville, Wisconsin.

Duluth Trading Co: A Cut Above the Rest

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Buck Camp Flannel Shirt, Cedarwood Plaid, Large

Legendary Whitetails Men's Buck Camp Flannel Shirt, Cedarwood Plaid, Large


The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Buck Camp Flannel Shirt in Cedarwood Plaid and Large size exudes a perfect blend of rustic fashion and functionality. Made of 100% quality cotton, this flannel shirt is incredibly soft and comfortable, making it perfect for outdoors or a casual day inside. The attractive Cedarwood Plaid design represents a classic, yet unique style, allowing you to express your love for the outdoors while still looking modern and sophisticated.

This Flannel Shirt features a notch neck design with a subtle corduroy lined collar and cuffs, adding warmth and extra body protection without reducing its breathability. The distinctive look is finished off with a pleated back for ease of movement, adjustable cuffs, and a functional, contrasting deer embroidery on the left chest pocket, celebrating the Legendary Whitetails brand’s hunting tradition. This rugged, but cozy shirt also has a locker loop and contrast stitching to provide practicality and durability in its design.

The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Buck Camp Flannel Shirt is not just a flannel shirt; it’s a style statement for the sophisticated outdoorsman. With its vibrant Cedarwood Plaid pattern and rugged design features, this shirt can be worn on outdoor adventures or casual events, offering warmth, comfort, and versatility. It’s more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a nod to the hunting tradition and a durable, quality investment that delivers on both style and wearability.

When it comes to Duluth Trading Co, durability isn’t just a fancy feature– it speaks volumes about the brand’s underlying philosophy. Just like Tim Burton’s memorable characters, existing in a realm of their own, Duluth’s products are distinctly recognized for their ruggedness and robustness, typifying the very essence of durability.

Image 6377

Quality, synonymous with Duluth Trading Co, mirrors the craftsmanship seen in a meticulously stitched Westwood gown. The brand’s commitment to impeccable workmanship is the cornerstone of its reputation. With every stitch and seam, it upholds its promise of quality, a testament to its unrivalled expertise.

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Size Journeyman Shirt Jacket, Tarmac, XX Large Tall

Legendary Whitetails Men's Size Journeyman Shirt Jacket, Tarmac, XX Large Tall


The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Size Journeyman Shirt Jacket comes in a striking Tarmac color and is available in XX Large Tall size. This perfect cross between a shirt and jacket, aptly named a shirt jac, is a must-have addition to any man’s wardrobe. This pinnacle piece is durable and combines the warmth of a jacket with the casual feel of a shirt, making it an ideal choice for the autumn and winter season or cold days.

The Journeyman Shirt Jacket showcases an appealing design with a rugged outlook, matching perfectly with your adventurous spirit. Crafted from 63% Cotton, 26% Polyester, and 11% Nylon, its quality isn’t compromised, promising long-time wear and comfort. It features a 100% Cotton flannel lining and insulated hand-warming side pockets keeping you warm and snug in the chilling weather.

The Legendary Whitetails Journeyman Shirt Jacket is not just a wear; it’s a style statement for the modern man. It comes equipped with Legendary buttons and Signature Buck embroidery, adding an exclusive touch to the shirt jac. Both versatile and stylish, it’s a perfect pick for casual outdoor activities or social gatherings, making you create a style statement wherever you go.

The brand isn’t just revolutionizing men’s wardrobe but has also offered a breath of fresh air to women’s clothing. With an expansive range that embraces the beauty of inclusivity, Duluth Trading Co ensures everyone walks out with something that complements their style. Much like how Westwood made punk mainstream, Duluth has made durable fashion accessible to all.

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Dickies mens Bib Overalls, Rinsed Timber,  x L US


Indulge in the rugged practicality of the Dickies Men’s Bib Overalls in Rinsed Timber size XL. Made with high-quality material, these overalls are designed to withstand heavy use while providing unbeatable comfort and durability. The rich dark timber finish gives the overalls a tastefully earthy aesthetic, making it versatile enough for work or leisure wear.

You’ll appreciate the functional design of the Dickies Men’s Bib Overalls, featuring multiple pockets for optimal storage and convenience. The spacious bib pocket even leaves room for electronic devices, allowing you to have your essential tools on hand while you work. The sturdy adjustable straps offer customized fitting, providing the ultimate comfort in any work situation.

The Dickies Men’s Bib Overalls in Rinsed Timber, XL US size, have become a staple in many closets, adorning hardworking men across various industries. Enjoy the style of sturdy, robust workwear without compromising the comfort of everyday attire. Regardless of the task at hand, you can trust these overalls to provide the support and durability you need.

Founded 1882
Owners Currently owned and chaired by Steve Schlecht
Sale & Headquarters relocation Sold to Gempler’s in 2000 and moved its headquarters to Belleville, Wisconsin
Employee data Most likely to be members of the Democratic Party, stay with company for average of 3.5 years
Manufacturing Solely in America since 1882, product handcrafted by individual craftspeople who sign each product they sew
Q1 2023 Direct-to-consumer sales Increased by 2.3% to $79.5 million due to higher conversion rate
Q1 2023 Retail store sales Decreased by 2.1% to $44.3 million due to lower store traffic, but partially offset by strong conversion rates

Behind the Strength: Duluth Trading Co’s Products

Duluth Trading Co‘s signature products are akin to Vivienne Westwood’s iconic corsets– fusible within the popular culture psyche. Each item–be it the Longtail T, Fire Hose Pants, or Ballroom Jeans–defines the brand’s spirit.

When it comes to Duluth Trading Co, materials matter–much like the avant-garde creations in Burton’s “Corpse Bride.” The brand relies on high-quality, resilient fabrics that stand the test of time, ensuring every Duluth customer enjoys the utility and durability inherent in their purchase.

Contrary to mainstream belief, the entity isn’t locked within the realm of clothing; it transcends traditional boundaries, offering a vast selection of accessories, tools, and merchandise. From your favourite Facialabuse beard balm to handy gardening tools, their catalogue exhibits a remarkable diversity that would make Tim Burton proud.

Image 6378

Duluth Trading Co and Sustainability

Beyond its products, Duluth Trading Co dreams of a sustainable future just as Alice envisioned Wonderland in Burton’s rendition of the tale. The company, determined to lessen their environmental impact, is taking significant steps towards energy efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling.

Duluth Trading Co‘s commitment to ethical trade practices reflects a sense of social consciousness, similar to the urban punk fashion movement sparked by Vivienne Westwood. The company ensures transparency and ethicality in its supply chain, advocating the motto– ‘Do no harm, only good.’

Community impact is like the hidden subplot in a Burton movie, silently contributing to the overall masterpiece. Duluth Trading Co continuously makes a difference in the communities it operates, reflecting an intrinsic sense of corporate citizenship and humanitarian outreach.

The Unconventional Advertising Strategy of Duluth Trading Co

If we judge on the scale of unconventionalism, Duluth Trading Co‘s advertising strategy could give Burton’s “Mars Attacks!” a run for its money. The brand cleverly uses humor as a branding tool, making marketing lighthearted and memorable.

Similar to how authentic user reviews might amplify the allure of a septum piercing, Duluth Trading Co leverages customer testimonials and reviews in their advertising. Encouraging the brand’s ethos of transparency, they let happy customers become their ambassadors.

High visibility is to Duluth Trading Co‘s marketing strategy what an eye-catching Vivienne Westwood runway display is to London fashion week: simply unmissable. The brand retains a vibrant presence across media platforms, making it a household name.

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Standard Buck Camp Flannel Solid Shirt, Charcoal Heather, Large

Legendary Whitetails Men's Standard Buck Camp Flannel Solid Shirt, Charcoal Heather, Large


The Legendary Whitetails Men’s Standard Buck Camp Flannel Solid Shirt in Charcoal Heather is a vision of rugged elegance. This large size shirt has been expertly crafted to embody the spirit and resilience of the intrepid outdoorsman. The rich, charcoal heather color, coupled with the classic flannel design, radiates a sense of sturdy sophistication, making it a practical yet stylish wardrobe choice. Being made from 100% Cotton, this shirt is not only warm but also comfortable to wear, perfect for mountaineering, hunting, camping, or any outdoor activities.

The materials, craftsmanship, and functionality of this shirt set it apart from ordinary flannel offerings. The quality stitching in the shirt ensures that it’s durable for the long haul. Moreover, its high-end cotton material makes it machine wash safe for easy maintenance and enhanced longevity. The shirt also features adjustable cuffs and a contrasting corduroy lined collar and cuffs for added style and convenience.

This Buck Camp Flannel Solid Shirt from Legendary Whitetails offers men a unique blend of outdoor functionality and urban style. Whether you’re in the wild living out your adventures, or in the city going about your day, this shirt will stand you out. Its simple yet striking design ensures it can be paired up with both dress pants and casual jeans. With the Legendary Whitetails logo, it not only represents a clothing product but also a lifestyle.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Duluth Trading Co

In the evolving fashion landscape, perfectly symbolized by the constant metamorphoses of the “222 meaning,” Duluth Trading Co continues adapting their offerings according to customer needs and industry trends.

Thriving amid competition, the brand has crafted strategies to stay ahead, much like Adria Arjona who made her mark in a saturated industry. The brand’s focus on quality, durability, and originality separate it from other purveyors of rugged wear.

When we talk about future prospects for Duluth Trading Co, we might well be referencing the ambitious growth of Mission Lane. Prospects of further expansion and diversification of product offerings make the company’s future seem bright and promising.

Image 6379

Final Word: Celebrating Duluth Trading Co’s Rugged Legacy

As we jump into this next chapter, let’s pause to honor Duluth Trading Co’s mark in the rugged wear world, much like a Burton character leaving us captivated in the finale. This isn’t just workwear, it’s a statement– it’s a lifestyle.

Appreciating Duluth Trading Co requires recognizing its audacious foray into clothing revolution, just like applauding a jaw-dropping Vivienne Westwood ensemble needs understanding her daring fashion experiments.

The tapestry that is Duluth Trading Co is intricate, vibrant, and unfailing in character. As we step forward, we carry the optimistic spirit of the brand into new adventures, recognising that this journey holds promise for even greater innovation and unconventionalism. Pioneers of rugged wear, take a bow.

What country is Duluth clothing made in?

Get this – Duluth Trading Company clothing isn’t made in some far-off place, but right here in the good ol’ USA, with quite a bit being manufactured in their home state of Wisconsin.

What political affiliation is Duluth Trading?

Politics, eh? Well, Duluth Trading Company isn’t looking to stir the pot. As a company, they keep their voting cards close to the vest and do not publicly declare a political affiliation.

How is Duluth Trading Company doing?

Heard the chatter about Duluth Trading Company? Turns out they’re doing quite alright. Despite the economic roller coaster, their financial health is ticking along, and they continue to trot out innovative, quality products.

What happened to Duluth Trading?

Ah, you’re thinking of some changes at Duluth Trading. No big disaster or anything – they’ve been reshaping their business plan, focusing more on digital platforms, and refining their product lines. Nothing gets ’em down!

Is Duluth Trading a Chinese company?

China? Nope, not quite! Duluth Trading Company is a straight-shooting, apple pie-eating American company, born and bred in the USA.

Why is Duluth so expensive?

Pricey, eh? Duluth’s products might make your wallet groan a bit, but they’re crafted with top-notch materials and built to last – a true case of “you get what you pay for”.

Who is the owner of Duluth Trading Company?

The big kahuna at Duluth Trading Company is Stephen L. Schlecht. He’s the founder and, as of now, the Executive Chairman of the company.

Who is Duluth Trading Company’s target audience?

Eyeballing Duluth Trading’s target audience, we’re talking about the hands-on crowd— folks who work hard and play harder. This is gear for people who value durability and functionality, not fads.

Where is Duluth Trading Company headquartered?

Where’s Duluth Trading HQ? Look no further than good ol’ Belleville, Wisconsin – the front door to rolled up sleeves, hearty laughs, and dang-good durable goods.

What makes Duluth special?

What’s so special about Duluth, you ask? Well, it’s their designed-for-durability products, known for lasting through the hard grind, and that “no bull” guarantee of theirs – they really stand by what they sell.

What is the Duluth Trading Company motto?

Duluth Trading Company’s wisdom to live by? Their motto is, “Work is tough, tough is good.” They reckon even the toughest job can be conquered with resolute spirit and resilient gear.

Why is Duluth popular?

Why all the hubbub about Duluth? Well, it’s their hearty, durable goods and unique, hard-working ethos that quickly made them a hit among those who work (and play!) hard.

What state is Duluth Trading Company in?

Very fine question! Duluth Trading Company is firmly planted in Belleville, Wisconsin – a true Badger State gem!

Does Duluth run big?

Yup, it’s true! Duluth sizes do tend to run a bit bigger. Their clothes are designed with the hardworking folks in mind, giving you a bit extra room to move and groove in your gear.

Is Duluth Trading a good stock?

Thinking of investing in Duluth Trading stock? Well, they’re not too shabby. They’ve been holding their own in the market, but remember – always do your homework before handing over your hard-earned dough.

Is Duluth Pack made in USA?

Duluth Pack? Oh yeah, that’s red, white, and blue through and through – all their products are proudly made right here in the USA.

Is Duluth Harbor man made?

Duluth Harbor, a man-made marvel? Sure is! This busy port was shaped by human hands to help facilitate the flow of goods and commerce.

Where is Duluth clothing headquarters?

Searching for the Duluth clothing headquarters? You’ll find it nestled in the quaint town of Belleville, Wisconsin.

What is the origin of Duluth?

And the story behind Duluth? The original Duluth was a chap named Daniel Greysolon, Sieur du Lhut, a French explorer who first set foot in the area. Years later, the city of Duluth, Minnesota (which inspired Duluth Trading Company’s name) was settled and named in his honor.


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