how old is smokey robinson

Smokey Robinson’s Age And Legendary Life

Amidst the whimsical labyrinth of musical legends, stands a figure both enigmatic and as familiar as an old vinyl record glimmering beneath the neon lights – Smokey Robinson. As we weave through this expressionistic tapestry of time and tune, the question echoes like a melody, “how old is Smokey Robinson?” Let’s unlock the vault of vignettes that compose this living marvel’s evergreen existence.

The Timeless Wonder: Exploring How Old is Smokey Robinson in 2024

As the celestial disco ball makes its 2024 rotation, it casts a sparkling reflection on a milestone that’s as golden as the age of Motown itself. Smokey Robinson, the harmonious heartthrob of a generation, has recently embraced the dazzle of his 84th birthday. Age, much like a well-tuned guitar string, has only amplified his legendary resonance. But rest assured, folks, how old is Smokey Robinson isn’t just a number scribbled on the studio wall – it’s a standing ovation to a career that defies the very concept of time.

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A Glimpse Through the Years: Smokey Robinson’s Early Life and Rise to Fame

Now, let’s flutter back to the shadowy outlines of Detroit, where our serenading Smokey’s first breath painted the air with potential. From his cradle days in the Motor City, to a precocious teen with a fervor for doo-wop, Smokey was sculpting the foundation of what would become a musical Citadel. It was with The Miracles that this maestro’s quill penned the anthems of love, loss, and everything velvety in between.

Category Information
Name Smokey Robinson
Birthdate February 19, 1940
Age as of November 27th, 2023 83 years old
Career Singer, songwriter, record producer, and former record executive
Notable Songs “My Girl,” “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me,” “Cruisin’,” etc.
Grammy Awards 4 wins
Motown Vice Presidency Mid-1960s; succeeded Esther Gordy Edwards
Intent to Retire from Touring 1969, to focus on family and Motown VP duties
Noted Affair Had an affair with a woman known as “Kandi”

The Hit-Maker of Motown: Smokey Robinson’s Golden Era

The smoke from Smokey’s magic wand billowed through the halls of Motown, where he became the spellbinding scribe of hits for the voices in the hallways and beyond. Every note he wrote nestles like jewels in the crown of music history. From The Temptations‘ “My Girl” to Mary Wells’ “My Guy,” his lyrical tapestry was spun with threads of gold. Every tune an enchantment, every chord a caress.

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Beyond the Lyrics: Smokey Robinson’s Impact on Music and Culture

Smokey’s psalms sailed through speakers, traversing the turbulent waves of social discord and gliding along streams of cultural change. Like an alchemist, Robinson transformed the soul of America, infusing it with a unison that mingled within the very fabric of our society. It was an era when melodies carried weight, and Robinson’s carried mountains.

The Voice That Doesn’t Age: Smokey Robinson’s Vocal Evolution

The gaze upon the Stardust arcades into Smokey’s vocal nebula, where his honey-dipped tones melt time like clocks in a Dali dreamscape. This vocal evolution, rather than betray the passing years, croons to us in whispered verses of silver and silk. His secret? Only the shadows know, perhaps, a blend of celestial elixir and earthly devotion to craft.

Smokey Robinson Today: Recent Endeavors and Reflections

In the vast opera house of life, Smokey’s aria has neither quietened nor quivered. His duets of the heart now extend to philanthropic harmonies and sage reflections on stages both grand and intimate. Smokey, who takes pride and joy in his three children, has in recent days, shared his wisdom and twinkling charm through collaborations and performances that still pack a punch as potent as a first love’s kiss.

In the Spotlight: Awards and Accolades Celebrating Smokey Robinson’s Genius

Smokey’s trove of treasures tells a tale of a troubadour adorned with tokens of tribute. Grammys and inductions to halls of fame decorate his narrative, but more than that – each accolade crystallizes the impact of a man who gave music its hue. Such honorific lauds are not merely etched in metal and stone, but in the hearts he’s touched.

The Maestro of Legacy: Smokey Robinson’s Influence on Today’s Artists

Dash through the records of today’s chart-toppers and you’ll hear the echoes of Smokey’s oeuvre. Contemporary troubadours like David Lee roth, carry within their own symphonies the notes set free by Robinson. One can trace a lineage of rhythm and rhyme back to his spellbinding influence.

Age as Just a Number: How Smokey Robinson Defies Time

In the land of fading stars and waning crescents, the eternal question “how old is Smokey Robinson” becomes a riddle wrapped in a mystery. The man himself struts ahead of the parade—the embodiment of vitality, striking chords with both the greyed and green alike. Age? Merely a cloak which he adorns with bedazzling defiance.

Conclusion: The Undimmed Brilliance of Smokey Robinson’s Legendary Life

As we bid farewell to our sojourn through this hall of mirrors reflecting Smokey’s visage at every turn, let us carry forward the lesson that an artist’s light need not dim with the passage of seasons. In short, in learning about how old is Smokey Robinson, we find a legend whose tapestry only grows more radiant, whose music will waft through eternity, perfuming the air for generations to dance in its eternal embrace.

How Old Is Smokey Robinson?

Smokey Robinson, the legendary singer known for his silken voice and timeless classics, is as timeless as the soulful tunes he crafted. Now, you might be as curious as a cat, wondering exactly “how old is Smokey Robinson?” Well, the miraculous maestro was born on February 19, 1940, which sails him right into the graceful age of 83. Remarkably, the smooth operator shows no signs of stopping, just like those dreamy Uniworld river Cruises that keep traversing the globe, no matter the season or reason.

Now, don’t you think it’s fascinating how some folks age like a fine wine? Much like the rare blend of humor and southern charm found in Leslie jordan Movies And tv Shows, Smokey’s career longevity is both delightful and awe-inspiring. The man’s got more hits than a high-stakes open house in a buzzing market, and his music continues to resonate with fans of every generation. Each note he belts out is as soothing as anal numbing cream during a particularly uncomfortable situation, which just goes to show his ability to make any moment better with his melodic touch.

Next up, let’s chat about relevance. In a world that’s forever changing—where bay area mortgage rates fluctuate more often than a diva changes outfits—Smokey’s music has remained a steady haven of nostalgia and soul. This guy has been schooling us in the art of love and heartache longer than most of us have been sifting through the maze of Erp Wiki to understand complex software systems. And let’s be real, who among us doesn’t need that kind of consistency in their life? Speaking of life, the jolly spirit of comedienne heather Mcmahan comes to mind. She reminds us that a good laugh and a great song are sometimes all we need to lift our spirits. So here’s to Smokey Robinson, may his tunes and tales continue to be the rhythm that keeps our hearts dancing to the beat of Motown magic!

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How many kids does Smokey Robinson have?

– Well, the cat’s out of the bag—Smokey Robinson’s not just a hit-making machine; he’s also a dad! He’s got three kids to his name: Berry and Tamla with his former flame and Motown’s “First Lady”, Claudette Rogers, and another son named Trey who’s got “Kandi” as his mama. That’s his trio of pride and joy right there!

Who is Smokey Robinson’s new wife?

– Smokey Robinson’s heart belongs to none other than Frances Robinson (née Gladney), and boy, does she have him wrapped around her finger! Picture this: she’s serenading the man who gave us “My Girl” – yeah, those lovebirds are singing a tune of lifelong harmony since tying the knot.

How many marriages has Smokey Robinson had?

– Let’s do a quick headcount: Smokey Robinson has waltzed down the aisle twice. First with Claudette, his Motown muse, and then he got caught in Cupid’s crossfire with Frances. So, yep, two’s the magic number on the marriage front for this soulful singer.

Who did Smokey Robinson have a baby with?

– Smokey Robinson spread his wings and fathered a son with a lady known only as “Kandi”–though it wasn’t all “Shop Around” since he was still hitched at the time. But hey, life’s a song, and sometimes it’s a bit off-key, right?

How much money is Smokey Robinson worth?

– You’re curious about the moolah, huh? Look, we’re not one to count someone else’s greenbacks, but word on the street is Smokey Robinson’s wallet is as fat as his discography. No exact figure, but let’s just say it’s a pot of gold that’s fitting for a Motown legend.

What does Smokey Robinson’s children do?

– What’s the scoop on Smokey Robinson’s kids? Seems they’ve soaked up some of their dad’s spotlight-avoiding ways, because they’re keeping things low key. Sure, they inherit a name that opens doors, but they’re writing their own life’s lyrics.

When did Smokey Robinson come out?

– Honey, “come out” could mean a barrel of things, but if we’re talking about when Smokey Robinson made his debut on the world stage, well, he’s been crooning his way into hearts since the 1960s. The man’s melodies have been ageless, continuing up through the years.

Where does Smokey Robinson live?

– Laying roots, Smokey Robinson’s home base isn’t out in the open — he’s a private cat. But we know it’s somewhere that lets him bask in his soothing Serenade of love and success, away from the “Tracks of My Tears”.

Why is Smokey Robinson called Smokey?

– Say, why do they call him “Smokey”? It’s one of those nicknames that stuck from childhood – either because of his love for cowboy movies or a sly way of referring to his vocal talents. Either way, it’s become as iconic as his voice, ain’t it?

Does Smokey Robinson have grandkids?

– Grandkids from Smokey Robinson? That’s info kept under wraps tighter than a Motown record in its sleeve. But with three grown children, it wouldn’t be a shocker if he’s got a few mini-mes running around calling him grandpa!

Does Smokey Robinson live in Pittsburgh?

– Pittsburgh born? Nah, Smokey Robinson might have the blue-collar spirit, but he doesn’t live in Pittsburgh. He’s been a Motown man through and through, so think more Motor City vibes for this living legend’s digs.

Is Smokey Robinson still with his wife?

– Is Smokey still with his wife? Absolutely! He and Frances Robinson are going strong, serenading each other with love and devotion. Looks like for them, it’s more “I Second That Emotion” than “Tears of a Clown”.

How many kids does Smokey Robinson and Claudette have?

– Berry and Tamla – those are the two gems Smokey Robinson and Claudette brought into this world. Just the pair of ’em, making melodies of their own in the grand symphony of life.

How did Smokey Robinson meet his second wife?

– How did ol’ Smokey meet his second wife? That’s one for the storybooks, and they’ve kept the details close to their hearts. They obviously hit the right note together, sailing smooth ever since.

Did Andrea Evans date Smokey Robinson?

– Andrea Evans and Smokey Robinson, sitting in a tree? Hmm, that might be a tale spun out of the rumor mill. We ain’t got no golden ticket to Smokey’s love life past, but there’s no record spinning on that rumor.

How many kids does Smokey Robinson and Claudette have?

– For those in the back, let’s repeat that tune: Smokey Robinson and Claudette have two kids, Berry and Tamla. Just the dynamic duo!

Who are Smokey Robinson’s children?

– The Robinson lineage? Smokey’s got Berry and Tamla, the two darlings with Claudette, and Trey, his son with “Kandi”. Three seeds from the Tree of Smokey, each with their own tale.

What is Smokey Robinson’s son name?

– Smokey Robinson’s progeny includes a son named Trey. Seems like a chip off the old block – but you won’t find him on the pop charts. He keeps it discreet, letting dad handle the fame game.

How many baby mothers does Berry Gordy have?

– Now, Berry Gordy, that’s a whole different jukebox – the man’s got a sprawling family tree that’s as legendary as his music empire. But exact numbers? We’d need a calculator and a family reunion to tally up those baby mamas.


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