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Joe Keery: 10 Shocking Facts About Stranger Things’ Insane Heartthrob

I. Unraveling the Mystery that is Joe Keery

Meet ‘joe keery’; the insanely charming heartthrob from Stranger Things, captivating us with his hypnotic gaze and his effortless swagger. City-bred in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Keery was thrown into the limelight when the Duffer Brothers’ 80s-set series hit our favorite streaming platforms. His transformation into the enigmatic Steve Harrington was what laid the tracks for his rollercoaster ride to fame.

II. Shattering the Heartthrob Illusion: 10 Revelations about Joe Keery

Breaking hearts and boundaries concurrently, Keery may be known for his role on the big screen, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Let’s get down and dirty with some shocking revelations about this quirky hearthrob!


III. Fact #1: Early Inception into the World of Acting

Joe’s journey to stardom was no piece of cake. Although his first gig was not Stranger Things, he had been building his acting prowess through commercials for brands like KFC and Domino’s. His efforts eventually bore fruit when he auditioned for the Netflix original series and fate played its part by placing him right into the heart of Hawkins, Indiana.

IV. Fact #2: Not Just an On-Screen Heartthrob

Is Joe Keery in a Relationship?

Ladies, brace yourselves! Our heartthrob isn’t lonesome off-screen. Joe’s been taken for quite a spell by the enchanting Maika Monroe. The sight of them strolling about town or strutting down red carpets is enough to make hearts flutter with apprehension and admiration alike.


V. Fact #3: Breaking Free from the Chains of Social Media

Why did Joe Keery delete Instagram?

Riding the crest of a wave can be overwhelming. For Keery, grappling with the digital gaggle on Instagram was debilitating his self-esteem. In his own words, it was more isolating than anything else, leading him to break free from the shackles of this social media platform.

VI. Fact #4: Stranger Things Chronicles: Joe Keery Vs. Billy

In Stranger Things, age is but a number. Even though Dacre Montgomery, the antagonist of the series, is in reality 27 years old (9 years older than his on-screen character), our beloved Joe Keery was 24 when he breezed into our lives as high school heartthrob. A curious case of reel and real-world divergences, wouldn’t you say?

VII. Fact #5 through Fact #10

Let’s not stop at four, because there’s more!

1. Music on his Mind: Before aiming for the stars, Keery was all about the chorus and the strings. He was part of a band, ‘Post Animal’, showcasing his skills on the drums.

2. Spirit Animal – Jack Nicolson: It’s no mystery that Joe has always been intrigued by the incomparable Jack Nicholson! His admiration has echoed throughout his work.

3. Comic Relief on-Set: Keery’s sense of humor being the fuel that fired up the Stranger Things set, manifesting in one too many pranks.

4. Biking Enthusiast: When Keery isn’t filming, he is an avid cyclist sporting his Pit Viper sunglasses.

5. Tech Guru: Kudos to AI Websites that our boy Joe is tech-savvy, always up to speed with the latest tech trends.

6. Fiesta Fan: Being a foodie, Keery loves Fiesta Mart for his Mexican food cravings.


VIII. Beyond the Upside Down: Demystifying Joe Keery

The alter ego of Steve Harrington, Joe Keery, has been the talk of the town, or shall we say, the globe. Beyond the Upside Down, his multifaceted personality continues to mesmerize. Be it through his relationship with Maika Monroe, his social media hiatus, or his youthful energy on the set of Stranger Things, there’s no denying that Keery doesn’t just break the traditional heartthrob image, he redefines it. This breaking of norms and the courage to be unabashedly himself is what makes Joe Keery, unapologetically ‘joe keery’.


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